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Habs Episode-19 Review: Basit throws Ayesha out of his house

Habs Episode-19 Review – Habs the drama serial airing at ARY Digital has taken quite a tragic turn. Performances are as usual brilliant but it is Ayesha and Basit’s differences that are making this serial depressing. In the previous episode, we have seen that Basit started doubting Ayesha when he sees her talking with Fahad. In this episode, Basit has stooped so low that he accuses Ayesha of having an affair with Fahad and throws her out of the house.

Basit has already started doubting Ayesha and she is also giving him solid reasons for doubting. She clearly knows that Basit has a history and he has issues with trusting women. Then why Ayesha is hiding the truth from him when she knows that Basit has realized that she is lying to him? The moment Basit says that Ayesha is lying to him, she would have told him all the truth but no she does utter a single word giving him more chance to doubt.

Basit stooping so low as a hero that he is also mistrusting his old best friend. Basit says some really mean things to Fahad in presence of Fahad’s mother. Fahad timely leaves the dinner but then he also makes a blunder that he comes to meet Ayesha in absence of Basit. Basit arrives at that moment watching Fahad talking with Ayesha, he loses his mind and he gets so furious that he slaps Fahad so hard!

Basit’s madness does not stop here, he throws Ayesha out of the house too. Ayesha is too late to tell Basit the truth and he has already made up his mind that Ayesha is having an affair with Fahad. Basit accuses Ayesha of being disloyal to him and also having an affair with his best friend Fahad. Basit is not ready to listen to any sort of clarification by Ayesha. He literally throws her out of the house. At this point, we feel like Ayesha does not deserve Basit at all!

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Well, it seems that Basit is sort of missing Ayesha when in a state of mind he nonchalantly tells Karim to bring him coffee and Ayesha. Thank God Basit has not thrown Bano out of the office. He is being rude to her when she tries to bring up Ayesha’s topic. Basit is not ready to listen to anyone. Well Basit has turned into a huge disappointment for us and now we feel that Basit is not good for Ayesha, he is mentally sick! Only Fahad can play a vital role in saving Basit and Ayesha’s relationship.

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