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Haiwaan Episode 7 Review: How will Hameed tolerate Momina and her mother in his house?

Maan has abandoned the idea of settling in US for Momina


Another intense drama serial Haiwaan, on aired its 7th Episode yesterday. The drama is based on the story of a heinous sin which a man commits under the influence of alcohol. The story of the regret that follows is very brilliantly written by Sara Sadain Sayed and it is well directed by Mazhar Moin. Sawera Nadeem and Faisal Quereshi’s performances are absolutely brilliant in the play followed by Sanam Chaudhry, Wahaj Ali and also Iffat Omar in the supporting cast.

The episode begins when Momina surprises Maan with her call when she tells him that she has accepted his proposal but she has put a condition that she will keep her mother with her after marriage.  Maan happily agrees on this condition too without even consulting his parents. Momina is now happy that she is not alone, someone has come in her life who will share her burden and will love her.


The thought of making Momina his daughter in law is haunting Hameed. He is relaxed when Momina rejects the proposal but when Maan tells him that she has said yes, Hameed loses his cool and starts shouting his lungs out on his wife and Maan. He blames his wife for everything. For the very first time Maan confronts his own father and takes his mother’s side by saying that he has never loved his mother the way she deserved. Later Maan tells his mother that he is afraid to live a life of compromise like her. It has deeply saddened his mother.


Hameed regularly visits mosque and say his prayers without even realizing the fact that repentance also lies in asking forgiveness from the people whom he has actually wronged . Yes for true repentance he has to face Masooma’s mother and should ask her forgiveness but its consequences will be very devastating not only for him but for his family. It is true that only Allah forgives a sin not the world. Hameed is trying to do as many good deeds as he can so Allah will forgive his deadly heinous sin which he has committed under the influence of drinking but has he stopped drinking ? Is he also repenting from it?


After some struggle it seems Hameed has agreed for the proposal, Momina has come out of the depressive lifeless state of mind and she is again a lively girl full of life and hope. Momina is worried that Maan’s family will not agree on her condition but Savaira assures her that only her father has issues but he has finally agreed on it and her mother always liked her so there is nothing to worry about. Well Poor Azra is still waiting for her husband as he is not ready to respond on any proposal for Momina. Lets see what will happen next?

Faysal Qureshi as Hameed is absolutely outstanding. Looking at the actor’s lovely person, it becomes hard to believe Faysal Qureshi plays the angry Hameed to perfection. Sanam Chaudhary brings about her best with Momina, and well Sawera Nadeem is herself a perfection. Absolutely riveting and eye opening, Haiwaan is a drama you wouldn’t want to miss.

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