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Haiwan Episode 12 Review: Police identifies body found as Masooma’s

Facts and Police suspicions all are going against Hameed Haroon


Another heart wrenching episode of drama serial Haiwan comes up with a major revelation. This heart breaking tale depicts the pain and agony of loss of a loved one and that too brutally murdered in the most inhumane manner. Savaira Nadeem and Sanam Chaudhry has delivered outstanding performance as grieving souls while Faysal Qureshi has simply outdone himself as Hameed. The script is very intelligently penned down by Sara Sadain Syed and brilliant execution by Mazhar Moin as director.

The episode begins when the police is suspecting the body found in the garden of Hameed’s house and all the family members are really terrified about the body. Kulsum and Saveria are extremely tensed about this situation as they both are sensing that something really terrible has been committed and its consequences are going to be really very devastating. Kulsom is worried about Savera’s family as this news will be damaging if Savera’s in laws get to know about it. She forbids Savera not to talk about it to the world.

Azra on the other hand is in the worst state of anxiety. She is praying that this body is not of Masooma as she does not want to hear about her. She begs God that she has given up on Masooma, Momima on the other hand is also much tensed. Maan is with them all the time and he is sincerely supporting both of them in this difficult phase where they all are waiting for the postmortem reports.

The police has identified that the found body is of Masooma and according to reports the cause of her death is breathing suffocation and the police also suggests that she has been raped. This heart wrenching news has snatched all the dying hopes from Azra and Momina and they are scarred for the whole life. The pain is overbearing for the poor souls who not just loss their daughter and sister but also they are regretting that they could not save her from that beast. Azra is blaming her own self as she thinks she could not take care of her daughter.

It seems like Karma is hitting Hameed as Hameed’s own daughter Savera is facing a failed marriage and also Maan finds out that Savera’s husband is cheating on her and he has seen that he is in the hospital for his own son while he is lying that he is there for a friend. Poor Masooma is buried and everybody wants the culprit to be punished including Maan and other family members. The police is suspecting Hameed as guilty and SHO also shares his views with Azra who replies that she does not care who is the culprit she just want justice for her poor daughter.

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