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Hania Episode 10 Review: Hania throws herself back in hell to save Maria

Junaid hands Hania to Vohra


Hania the drama serial with an intense and dark story revolving around an abusive relationship and the hardship that marital abuse victim faces, on aired its 10th episode and sadly there has been nothing new to offer. The drama highlights the way our society responds to marital abuse issues, pressurizing a girl to silently endure whatever happens with her as her husband’s place is her only shelter and divorce is still considered as stigma. 

So what went on in the latest episode of Hania? Read on to find out.

Well in the last episode we saw how cunningly Junaid blackmailed Hania, kidnapping her sister to pressurize her. Junaid calls Hania and tells her that Maria is with him and if she wants her family’s honor and her sister’s dignity intact she should come to him within an hour or else she’d have to face the consequences. Hania does not want her sister to suffer for her so she surrenders and throws herself back into hell by going back to Junaid.


Rohaan is extremely worried about Maria and he is there with his Uncle supporting them at this difficult time but his going to his Uncle’s place and leaving his engagement ceremony in the middle has created a lot issue for him. His fiance and his father are extremely mad over him leaving the ceremony in the middle. Sumbul, his fiance, seems a head strong girl and she minds when he tells her that he is at his uncle’s place and also that Maria has been kidnapped. It seems that this girl will create a lot issues in future too as Rohaan is not going to stop supporting Hania and her family and it will eventually create problems in his relationship. Well for the time being Rohaan handles the situation by apologizing and giving her flowers the next day.


Maria is released soon after Hania is gone. Maria reaches home in an exhausted condition at the time when her Aunty and her fiance Talha both are present. Her Aunty creates a lot of issue of her staying away from the house for a long time. She even seeds her son’s mind with doubts too that he even asks Maria that has she been untouched? This has extremely hurt Maria. Well this is how our society reacts on such situation instead of empathizing with the girl they start talking about her character. According to Maria’s khala her stay away from her house has made her character defected and now she is no more eligible for marriage.


Poor Hania is back in hell but this time she has even been treated worse. Junaid hands over Hania to Vohra, who looks like a creepy person and the way he looks at Hania seems that he has bad intentions for her. Hania is terrified on hearing that she will now live with Vohra. She begs Junaid to take her along with him but he has left poor Hania at the mercy of that beast! He is being brutal with Hania and tries to be inappropriate with her. Well one wonders what kind of husband is Junaid who leaves his wife with a strange man like this?

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