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Hania Episode 11 Review: Hania Kills Vohra

Rohan rescued Hania once again


ARY Digital on aired another episode of drama serial Hania a story based on domestic abuse. The play has a dark story which revolves around Hania, her trials and sufferings. For now, Hania has been rescued by her cousin Rohaan but more tribulations await her in near future.

In the last episode we saw how heartlessly Junaid left Hania with Vohra at his mercy, the same person who did not have good intentions towards Hania. Fortunately or by sheer luck Hania manages to kill Vohra, who tries to force her. She runs away from the spot only to find Rohaan who then takes her away.


Rohan who has researched well about Junaid and Vohra and about his ex- wife helps him to get to Hania. He takes Hania to a safe place as instructed by the police.

On the other hand, the police find Junaid on the murder spot with a knife in his hand and arrest him on murder charges. The police also finds suffice evidence against Junaid from Vohra’s farmhouse which can make him stay longer behind the bars.


Rohaan’s mother and fiance are extremely worried for his whereabputs as he is not picking up their calls. Later through police Rohaan’s father get to know that Rohaan saved Hania and he is now with her at a safe place they cannot disclose. Rohaan’s mother and fiance try hard to convince Rohaan to come back but he refuses and he clearly says that he cannot leave Hania like that in this condition. This makes Rohan’s mother extremely furious.


Rohaan’s mother visits Ahsan and Jamila’s place and she insults them for using her son for such dangerous task, despite of Ahsan’s clarification that they have never asked Rohaan to help them out. Moreover she is cooking something with Sumbul and she also feeds her mind against Ahsan and Jamila by saying that they want Rohaan to marry Hania. Well on the other hand, Rohaan is taking good care of Hania, despite of Hania telling him to go back to his house as his staying with her might affect his relationship.

Rohaan has been brilliantly played by Osama Tahir. Junaid Khan has incredibly played the negative role of a brutal husband and a shady man who is involved in illegal activities. However, Zoya Nasir has a long way to go. We only wish, the drama had something substantial to offer other than the cliched versions of domestic abuse and an illegal racket.

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