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Hania Episode 7 Review: Hania gets a momentary reprieve

Hania the drama serial which revolves around an abusive relationship and the sufferings that come with, on aired its another episode where the story took an important turn. Hania, for now, has been rescued from Junaid’s custody but it seems that it is for the time being only. The credit for saving Hania for now goes to Rohaan who very wisely intervenes into Hania’s matter and manages to rescue her from that brutal family. Osama Tahir definitely impresses as Hania and Junaid Khan in his antagonist role. However, there is nothing else which excites the audience about this seen-all drama serial.

The episode begins when Junaid leaves the house for a business trip, leaving Hania all alone in the house, leaving the guards and servants to keep an eye on her. Well in the last episode we have seen that how intelligently Rohaan makes a story to the guard and pretends that he is Junaid’s very close friend. Rohaan sneaks into the house and meets Hania who gets super scared after seeing him in her house, she tells him that they are very dangerous people they will not spare her but Rohaan says that he will not let anything happen to her or her family. Well coincidentally Junaid returns home as he forgets his briefcase at home. The sound of the horn scares the hell out of Hania but how Rohaan handles all this is really very impressive.


Rohaan somehow manages to get out of the house before Junaid’s entry but Junaid learns from the guard that someone has entered into the house calling himself Junaid’s friend. Junaid searches in the whole house but finds nobody. Well on the other hand Rohaan wastes no time. He gathers Hania’s father, Hania’s father and Inspector Kazim and they raid at Junaid’s place with arrest warrants. Junaid hides Hania in a secret chamber but how intelligently Rohaan find out that room and rescued Hania shows that Rohan is really very smart!


It seems like Junaid’s ghost is still with Hania haunting her all the time. She has not yet come out of her trauma. She is always scared that Junaid will come anytime and will beat the hell out of her.

Rohaan gets engaged with Sumbul,the daughter of his father’s friend. It seems like he is not much interested but he has accepted this for his parents and is happy so in short he is a good boy.


Junaid on the other get released on bail and the first thing he tells his parents that they should get Hania first they cannot let her leave as Inspector Kazim will definitely use her against them. He fears that Hania knows all about their business so he wants Hania at any cost. He sends his parents to her place but Hania’s father clearly refuses to send Hania back with them! What will Junaid do to get Hania back to him? We know he is powerful and can go to any extent, so will Hania’s reprieve will only be momentary?

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