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Hania Episode 7 Review: Rohaan is trying to help Hania

Another drama serial by ARY Digital which is addressing a very important issue of domestic violence and marital abuse, Hania, on aired its 7th episode. The play revolves around the life of Hania a domestic violence victim who is silently bearing all the pain and torture because she is too afraid to speak against it as she thinks society will not going to accept her as divorcee. Junaid Khan has given a remarkable performance in a negative character as a brutal husband who is always in search of an excuse to beat his wife. Osmama Tahir has also done an impressive job as a man who is finally going to rescue Hania, while Zoya Nasir as Hania is also impressive. 

So what went on this episode of Hania? Read along to find out.

Hania coincidentally finds her cousin at the mall so she asks Rohaan to let her make a call to her father. However, Rohaan feels the nervousness in her tone. Hania gets extremely scared when Junaid enters into the scene and her condition only worsens. After returning from the mall Junaid beats the hell out of Hania, injuring her for no apparent reason.


Hania feels like her soul is shackled, she has no courage to speak up about the brutality nor she has the courage to ask for divorce as she herself thinks that divorce is a stigma. Despite of her father, uncle and Rohaan’s support she has no courage to take herself out of this situation. She tries to kill herself but then Junaid timely intervenes and instead of stopping her in a polite way he starts beating her, making her even more frustrated as she attempts to cut her veins.


Coincidentally Rohaan sees the couple again at the hospital and he inquires what they are doing there on which Junaid very cunningly make a story that they are there to check Hania’s vitals. Rohaan senses something fishy so he inquires about the couple from the nurse who attended them. She tells him that it was a domestic violence case and the wife was badly beaten. This makes Rohaan really disturbed and he informs Hania’s father too about this incident.


Well one wonders why the coincidence happens again and again about Rohaan and Hania meeting. This time they come across at a restaurant, where Rohan has come with Sumbul and Hania is there with her grumpy husband, who is getting mad at a waiter and gets noticed by Rohaan. Hania goes to the washroom where Rohaan follows her and he tells him that she should speak up and should not be afraid. Despite of Hania’s refusal Rohaan assures him that he will not let her suffer. Later we have seen that when Junaid and family is out of station somewhere Rohaan visits Hania’s place by lying to the guards. Hania is too scared to share anything but it seems like Rohaan is eventually going to rescue her.

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