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Hania Episode 8 Review: Junaid is blackmailing Hania

Rohaan is Hania and her family's biggest support


Hania, a drama serial revolving around an abusive relationship and its affects on a woman, seems to be offering nothing new at the moment. All we see is how Junaid is haunting Hania and he does not cease to blackmail her and her family every now and then, just to drag her back. Although we do not like the story line at the moment, Junaid Khan has remarkably performed his role as an antagonist, a sadist and a psychopath, his performance is pretty much convincing and we cannot stop ourselves from hating him. However, that’s about the only best thing about Hania for now.

So what happens in this week’s episode, here’s a recap;

Rohaan’s engagement is set and despite of his mother’s disapproval, he manages to convince his mother to invite Hania and her family and he himself goes to invite them all for her engagement. He shows his concern for Hania. On the other hand Junaid is trying his best to drag back Hania as she can be used as a witness by police and he will not let them use Hania against him.


Junaid tries to scare Hania’s father in his own way, his man tries to hit him with a car and then Junaid appears in the hospital and starts blackmailing the whole family shamelessly. Hania’s father is doing what a father should ideally do in such situation. He is resolute that no matter what happens he won’t let Hania go back to the hell. Rohaan and his father too visit them and they suggest the same that Junaid is only trying to scare them but they should stay strong on their point. Well it shown that Rohaan’s fiance too dislikes it when Rohan excuses himself for not showing up in the restaurant because he has gone to help Hania and his family. It seems like Rohaan is going to have issues in his relationship in future because of his involvement with Hania’s case.


Hania’s khala and Maria’s mother in law to be are also creating an issue and it seems so weird that she too behaves so insensitively over the issue, taking side of Junaid and his family.Well it truly depicts our society where they seldom empathize with the girls.

Well Junaid hits a new low, for black mailing Hania. He kidnaps Maria and we see Rohaan leaving his engagement to go to Junaid’s place with the police.


Although they find no clue, Junaid calls Hania in a threatening tone and gives her a timeline that she should come back to him within an hour if she wants her sister’s dignity and her family’s honor intact. Hania’s test is real now, she is completely trapped as she cannot let her sister suffer because of her. Will Hania go back to that hell?

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