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Hasad Episode 21 & 22 Review: Has Zareen Repented or Preparing Another Trick Up in Sleeves?

This week's episodes left us with all the emotions one could think of

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From last few weeks we were feeling that Mamoona Aziz has left Hasad to drag on its central plot and there wasn’t much we were looking forward to in terms of story growth. There was the usual Nain Tara (Minal Khan), Zareen (Arij Fatima) and Farhan (Noor Hasan) who were trapped in a vicious cycle of Zari’s endless schemes.

Bilal (Arsalan Faisal) was presumably a fresh breath of air, and before we could find him too dragged in the mess, this week revived our excitement for Hasad.

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As fate would have it (like always) Zari was able to manipulate her mother in law (Saba Faisal) against Nain Tara, and just when she thought she could blind Farhan too, thankfully Bilal made smart moves. Once again Zari’s efforts to defame Nain Tara, by alleging affair with Bilal, went down the drain as Farhan did not lose trust on his wife.

A huge round of applause for Farhan here for standing firm despite his mother’s continuing indecisiveness. Once again we saw Farhan’s mother changing her mind as per what was being fed to her – indeed a true representation of the weak faith people of our society.

Nain Tara’s trump card came in play as it was revealed she’s pregnant once again. Alongside Bilal introduced his love interest Sara, and also unveiled Zari’s fraudulent tactics to defame Nain Tara. All in all, it was a win, win for Tara once again.

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However a major twist came into the story as Zari, in contradiction to her character, has repented from her mistakes and asked for forgiveness from both Tara and Farhan. As Zari vowed to take care of Tara and her upcoming baby, we were left to wonder if she’s actually changed or this is going to be one more of her gimmicks.

The suspenseful teaser of next episode has left us intrigued, and we can’t help but wait for the last episodes to go on air.

This week Arsalan Faisal stood out for his performance as Bilal. Whether it was about being a straightforward friend to Farhan or an angry friend of Tara in front of Zari, he conveniently made us believe his role. A few weeks ago we wondered if Bilal will prove to be Nain Tara’s savior, and from the looks of it, he might be so.

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