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Hasad Episode 7-8 Review: Life Gets Tougher for Nain Tara

This week Nain Tara (Minal) faced further blows of hatred from Zareen (Areej)


Hasad starring aspiring Minal Khan and versatile Areej Fatima has become one of our favorite television shows of the time. What began as an everyday household story of sisters in law, has turned into an intense and captivating story of envy and hatred that knows no limits.

This week Nain Tara (Minal) faced further blows of hatred from Zareen (Areej) and her mother who have gone too far to get Tara out of the house.


While on the other end, Farhan (Noor ul Hasan) is still trying to defend Tara from the atrocities of the society, his mother Saba Faisal has become totally blinded to Tara’s plea. After all Zari has won her over with her manipulation.

However, at times this week it felt that Farhan’s mother is contemplating the situations, and trying to get truth out. She also defended Tara at certain points which felt good as otherwise she’s absolutely helpless.


Amidst the chaos of Tara’s widow-life and Zari’s attempts at ruining her life, Zari also has to find a solution to end her fake pregnancy drama. And from what it looks like, it’s going to be another blame on Tara’s head.

On the other end this week introduced characters of Tara’s sister and brother in law, and unfortunately her brother in law will only add to the misery of Tara’s miserable life. So all in all, life is tougher for Mrs Arman in every possible way.


Although the drama becomes too intense for us and gives us moments of palpitation, it is good to see Areej so beautifully engulfed in her character. This week we also saw Tara taking a few tiny minie bold steps to raise her voice, and Minal justified the transition from the weak girl to a girl with voice.

Let’s see how worse it can get for Tara before she stands up for herself, or finds some escape from Zari’s hasad.

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