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Hasad Episodes 1 & 2 Review: Envying Arman and Tara is eating up Zareen

Envy is one of the biggest diseases a person can suffer from. Not only does it eat you on the inside, but its aftershocks are also felt by all. Envy destroys you from within and eats up your own happiness. Hasad, a new drama on ARY Digital revolves around the same topic and has been giving people some real chills since its first two episodes aired.

Jealousy can destroy households and its worse than the evil eye. Hasad’s intense story is written by Abida Ahmed and Maimoona Aziz and it is brilliantly helmed by Aabis Raza as director. The drama also marks the comeback of Arij Fatima on television and stars, Minal Khan, Shahroz Subzwari, Noor Hassan and Saba Faisal who have all impressed us right from the word go.

The story revolves around two married brothers and their strong bond but both the brothers are poles apart. Younger brother Arman is an extremely romantic husband whereas the elder, Farhan is a serious-minded workaholic who is not romantic and this what makes his wife Zaree mad.

Zareen envies Arman and his wife Nain Tara’s loving relationship to the extent of destruction and more often she tries to harm Tara, never letting go of a chance to belittle or degrade her. However, all of Zareen’s attempts are miserably failing for now as Arman passionately loves his wife and her mother in law also loves her despite Zareen’s negative feedings against her.


Be it Arman taking his wife to the dinner or gifting her an expensive gift on their wedding anniversary all adds up like a fuel to the fire of jealousy which is eating up Zareen. She burns inside when her own husband forgets even their first wedding anniversary let alone giving her a gift. Zareen’s mind works evil and she never leaves a chance to harm Taram be it burning Arman’s favorite sari or adding sugar into the tea Tara prepared for her mother in law. For now, we love the loving and caring Arman who adores his wife and Shahroz Subzwari has beautifully carried his role to perfection.


Tara’s mother in law seems a wise and sensible person, she advises Arman not to be that expressive in front of all but he is not ready to listen. She even tells Tara that there is always an evil eye watching you so you should be careful and keep praying surahs on herself and Arman. Tara simply follows what her mother in law says but the things get worse when Tara gets pregnant and it makes Zareen even more jealous to see her mother in law and Arman caring more about Tara. Maybe one of the reasons for envying Tara is that Zareen hasn’t been able to conceive like her.


Zareen plots and plans to the point that she makes Tara miss her dinner with Arman making sure Arman cannot get in touch with Tara throughout. Arman realizes what’s going on in Zareen’s mind. The episode ends when Zareen is held at gunpoint in the middle of the night when a thug enters their house. What will happen next is what we cannot wait to see.

Hasad has gripped us in its spell from the first episode. The drama speaks of reality and how Hasad can destroy lives. Superb performances by Arij Fatima, Shahroz and Minal Khan laced the first episode and here we are looking forward to the next episode of Hasad.

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