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Hassad Episode 13 & 14 Review: Life is a Bed of Roses for Nain Tara Now

You shall reap what you sow


This week’s episodes of Hassad turned around the whole picture for Nain Tara (Minal Khan) and Zareen (Arij Fatima). While on one hand Farhan (Noor Hasan) has married Tara, on the other it’s Zarri who is facing the consequences of her wrong doings.

This week’s double episodes made quite a strong impact in terms of story as Tara’s life took a 360 degree turn. From being a helpless widow and outcast, she is now wife of Farhan – a position Zarri mercilessly exploited against Tara. Although not much happened in terms of story’s progress, Mamoona Aziz’s focus this week was to emphasize how envy can destroy the envious and the victim prospers.


Now that it’s out of Zarri’s hands to plot against Tara and throw her out of the house – instead she is the one on the verge of being outcast – it is interesting to see what does she has to do next. On one hand she conceded her defeat and accepted Farhan’s second marriage, but on the other we can expect from the ever cunning Zarri to come up with bigger plot against Tara.

In terms of acting, Arij Fatima continued to make us hate her guts and Minal seemed a stronger, smarter version of Tara. While we loved Tara’s transformation, we also applauded Farhan’s transformation into the new relationship. There was hesitance yet possessiveness in his attitude with Tara, and we commend Noor Hasan for brilliantly conveying the evolution of his character.


Next week’s teasers have left us more intrigued to find out what Zarri’s next scheme is. But with Farhan’s support for Tara we are expecting that she will not burn in the flames of Zarri’s hasad.

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