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Hasad Episode 15 & 16 Review: A Slow Episode Featuring A Monotonous Zari and Tara

Nothing new happened nor did anything big happened this week


This week’s double episodes of Hassad were one of the slowest and unappealing one, to say the truth. Zareen (Arij Fatima) was her regular cunning self, Nain Tara (Minal Khan) was her usual epitome of niceness and Farhan (Noor Hasan) continued to get dragged like a rope in tug of war. Nothing new happened nor did anything big happen!

Nonetheless the episode has left us wanting more, because after this week’s kind of dis-satisfactory episode, we want to see the story unfold on a faster pace next time.

This week saw Zareen continuing to manipulate with her schemes and a low blow came from her end as we saw her not sparing Nain Tara’s baby. While Farhan’s anger went up the roof this time, it was once again Nain Tara trying to find peace in the chaos. Ammi (Saba Faisal) remained pretty much at the back foot this time or so it felt that Mamoona Aziz wanted to give Zarri an open field to play on.


We also saw Dr. Bilal (Arsalan Faisal) return this week, however – much to our cringe – the writer has all of a sudden changed his character. While it was shown that in addition to being a doctor Bilal also runs his father’s architecture business, we kind of found it a huge loophole in terms of practicality and believability. It does show that in coming days Dr. Bilal might be the breaking or making factor in Nain Tara’s life.

This time around we found a huge problem with the editing and often at places it felt that the story moved to the next sequence with an abrupt jerk. From a drama of this caliber, that has kept us hooked for the past eight weeks, we do expect a better continuation of story next time. Hassad this week, with its drag episode, failed to leave a mark for a diehard fan like us. With the teasers of next episode we are hoping things will once again be on fast track.

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