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Hasad Episode 17 & 18 Review: Is Zareen Going to Destroy Nain Tara Again?

This week saw Nain Tara abandoning the fight and Zareen taking full advantage of her reentry

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In last two weeks or so, Zareen (Arij Fatima) had finally started to bear the consequences of her wrongdoings and it seemed like fate was finally in Nain Tara’s (Minal Khan) favor. However, as disappointing as it may sound, it looks like Zari is again at her cause to destroy Tara’s life.

This time however it was cringeworthy to see Nain Tara politely playing along Zar’s schemes and letting her win every situation. On the other hand, it was also gut wrenching to see Farhan (Noor Hasan) making attempts to win Tara and she being oblivious to most part of it.

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If felt like throughout the episodes this week, we wanted to shake Tara and make her realize how she’s being downright ungrateful.


To cut it short, this time as well Hasad was its usual regular self. The cunning and manipulative Zari, the frustrated Farhan and the scared Nain Tara. Nothing changed for good or worse and we are anxiously waiting for the story to speed up again.

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Alongside we also got to see more insight in Dr Bilal’s (Arslan Faisal) character this week. From becoming a close friend of Farhan to coming on Zari’s radar, it is quite evident that Mamoona Aziz is onto something with Bilal’s character. Sooner or later, he’ll prove to be a turning point in Tara’s life – good or bad, only time will tell.


A special mention from this week’s double episodes has been earned by Rani (the maid). From natural dialogue delivery to apt facial expressions, Rani was convincing in her limited yet significant supportive role. Two thumbs up for casting team to find such a good talent.

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