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Hassad Episodes 3 & 4 Review; Latest Episodes Exploded with Emotions, Too Many of Them!

The latest double episode of Hassad aired yesterday, and while we couldn’t help but sob for Armaan’s (Shahroz Sabzwari) demise, it was Zareen (Areej Fatima) that made us fume with anger.

What started last week as a romantic journey for Nain Tara (Manal Khan) turned upside down as Armaan lost his life, trying to save his brother. What followed after was pretty much the regular social oppression that many widows go through on television.


From people calling Nain Tara ‘badnaseeb’ to bestowing her with the cliched “shohar ko kha gayi” dialogue, there was nothing new when it came to the treatment Nain Tara received. However, what stood out was Zareen’s continued deceit and hatred which left us skeptical about any human element in her character.

A deeper exposure of Farhan’s (Noor ul Hasan) character was the highlight this week, as he stood firm as the brother, son, and brother in law. From what it looks like, in one way or another Farhan will be the knight in shining armor for the oppressed Nain Tara.

A directorial of Aabis Raza, Hassad gave us too many emotions to experience in its recent double episodes. From grieve to anger to hope, the drama managed to captivate us all through its duration.

Areej Fatima stood out as the cunning Zareen, whom we are sure we’ll hate further. On the other end, Saba Faisal justified every moment of her screen presence as she portrayed the grieving mother.


Additionally, Manal – who impressed us with her acting – made us crave a little more realistic in terms of her makeup and attire. Albeit that we are in no way promoting the culture of white for widows, it was, however, a little uncomfortable to see a grieving widow with so much freshness and then a suicide recovering patient to not lose an ounce of glow. Probably makeup artists can work better on that.

All in all, Hassad has surely continued to engage us this week and we are looking forward to the next. It would be interesting to find out how the story unfolds for Haasid Zareen and her victim Nain Tara.

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