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Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay Ep-18 Review: Reality is eventually revealed to Aswaad

Aswaad eventually get to know the reality but at the cost of Mehreen's mental health

Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay Ep-18 ReviewHum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay Ep-18 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay the HUM TV drama serial has finally taken a drastic turn with Aswaad eventually getting to know the whole reality. However one still feels bad for Aswaad but still, he is not redeemed for whatever he has done with Mehreen. In the previous episode, Aswaad is forcing Mehreen to sign the affidavit. In this episode, Aswaad eventually gets to know the reality of Mashal but unfortunately at the cost of Mehreen’s mental health.

Mehreen’s mental condition has gotten worse after signing the affidavit, it seems that she has lost her mind. Mehreen is getting very intense hallucinations of Mashal who is forcing her to commit suicide and suggesting ways how to take her life, well that seems quite a stretch, taking too much liberty of creative license. We have seen that Mehreen is about to take her life when she gets hallucination of his own father who stops her from committing suicide.

Mehreen is torn out and she is shouting the hell out of her lungs when Aswaad sees her, he gets scared and there she is telling him that Mashal is trying to kill her she is telling her to drink the acid, and then she says that she has seen her baba. Aswaad’s mother suggests that he take her to the hospital as soon as possible. Doctors told Aswaad that Mehreen has got nervous breakdown and she is under extreme stress.

Mehreen’s condition is also accessed by a psychiatrist who later calls Aswaad at her office. She asks him how their married life is going. She hints that he might use to abuse Mehreen which is why her mental health has gotten that worse, she is having severe depression and she is getting hallucinations. Aswaad is speechless, for the very first time he is feeling guilty and regretting his past conduct.

Aswaad goes to his Nani’s house to collect Mehreen’s stuff from her room as Shagufta has called him but luckily she is not there. Nani tells Aswaad that how badly she misses Mehreen as she used to do all her work. Then through Shaboo he gets to know that Mashal used to have Mehreen’s room’s keys. Therefore the first time Aswaad realizes Mehreen’s vulnerability. Then when Aswaad enters into the room the whole reality of Mashal reveals in front of his eyes rest of the doubts left are cleared by Shaboo. It is also clear to Aswaad that Mehreen has not killed Mashal in fact it is Mashal who tried to poison Mehreen. What will Aswaad do now? Will Aswaad and Mehreen be able to live a happy and normal life after what they have gone through?

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