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Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay Ep-21 Review: This episode’s revelation making the plot flawed!

Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay the drama serial has aired its second last episode, it is an emotional roller coaster ride which at some points has brought tears to our eyes as well, but as a whole, this new twist in this episode is not making any sense and is making the story flawed. Mahira Khan and Kubra Khan both have given impeccable performances both are queens of expressions. In the previous episode, Mehreen tells Aswaad that Mashal tried to save her. In this episode, we have seen the whole night scene in detail Mashal is not a villain.

Mehreen tells Aswaad what actually happened that night, making us wondering that why she has not told this before? Why she is being silent on this all the time? We have seen the flashback of that night when Mashal offers Mehreen a hand of friendship then they both start confessing to each other that how badly they miss each other’s company.

Mehreen tells her that things turned for her when her father died, her status changed so everybody’s attitude towards her. For the very first time through Mashal’s expressions, it is evident that she is empathizing with Mehreen and then she confesses that she has always wronged her. In order to win Aswaad she masked herself as Mehreen!

Mehreen is shocked to know that Mashal who she always thinks of as a perfect girl always looks up to her. Mashal is beautiful, she has parents and everything one can dream of but still, she has complexes and she has always envied Mehreen and her achievements in life just because her mother always used to compare her with Mehreen. Making comparisons between the kids is a form of emotional abuse. Mashal has realized that she has wronged Mehreen at many levels and one of the reasons for this envy and hatred are their elders and their upbringing.

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Mehreen when trying to take a sip from the tea Mashal throws the tea by slapping the cup. Mehreen is astonished at this but Mashal covers it as her last mischievousness. She tries to save Mehreen and then she seeks her forgiveness and hugs Mehreen, their conversation has brought tears to our eyes. But if this is true and this has actually happened then why the hell Mehreen is getting negative hallucinations about Mashal in which Mashal is teasing her and telling her to commit suicide? The past few episodes are not making any sense at all! This episode has made the plot flawed! The episode ends when Aswaad asks Mehreen that will he forgive him and will she give him a second chance? What do you think Is Mashal redeemed? Should Aswaad deserve a second chance?

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