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Inkaar Episode 10 Review: Hajra survives

Rehan Chaudhry is too shocked after nearly killing Hajra


The drama serial Inkaar which revolves around the notion of refusal and how strongly certain people take that refusal has definitely won our hearts ever since its first episode. Inkaar has been very beautifully written down by the veteran writer Zafar Miraaj and well directed by Kashif Nisar. And we say this because the drama brings across so many powerful performances that one is stunned watching the drama.

So what went on this week’s episode?

In the previous episode it is shown that the protagonist Hajra is nearly stabbed to death as a punishment for saying no Rehan Chaudhry.

This episode starts when Rehan Chaudhry gets shocked after stabbing Hajra almost to death. He has committed this sin out of a fit of anger, and is now shocked to know that what he has actually done and he gets unconscious.


Hajra is in extremely critical condition, her best friend who has accompanied her to the parlor, is super shocked as she was sleeping while this all happened. Both the families of Hajra and Shayan are busy in wedding function when they get this shocking news. Shayan is 100 percent sure that Rehan has done this to and does not believe any fabricated story police tells.

Rehan Chaudhry’s step mother removes all the evidences and tries that the blame falls on the deaf and dumb sweeper of the salon.


Hajra gains conscious and narrates the incident to the police but they are persistent that the family should not pursue a case as it will end up in a futile struggle and nothing more and will bring disgrace to her family name and honor.


Shayan is super furious on hearing  what happened with Hajra and then after hearing the Police officer’s lame excuse and mocking tone, Shayan is angered to the point that he wants to kill Rehan.

What will happen next is what we can’t wait to find out as Rehan has fled the scen . Will Hajra and Shayan finally get married or not?

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