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Inkaar Episode 11 Review: Shayan is desperate for revenge

Now this is what we call an entertainer. Inkaar entertains you, it holds you on the edge of your seat, wishing to know what would come next. The script is tight and very unpredictable and moving on at a pace that’s just right to grab the audience’s interest and never give away too much at one. Zafar Mairaj as the writer has done a wonderful job with Inkaar, while Kashif Nisar has blown soul into his script. Powerful performances by Yumna Zaidi, Sami Khan, Imran Ashraf and even Rehan Sheikh are the highlight of Inkaar.

So what went on in this week’s episode of Inkaar? Read along to find out.

The episode begins when Shayan is desperately searching for Rehan as he wants to take revenge from him for Hajra. Shayan wants to wound Reham exactly like he hit Hajra with a scissor. Despite of Hajra’s voice message which is asking him to stop, he enters into Rehan Chaudhry’s house and starts shouting his name. Despite of Rehan’s step mom’s confirmations that Rehan is not home, Shayan sits in front of their door waiting for Rehan so that he could take his revenge.


On the other hand Hajra is still ashamed in front of her father about her mistake of falling for Rehan. However, Hajra’s father is supporting his daughter and is extremely angry on Rehan Chaudhry wanting to hurt him similarly like he hurt his daughter. Rehan’s father shares Hajra’s story with her mother but her mother’s reaction is surprisingly different from her father’s. She is extremely furious on Hajra’s conduct and is not ready to forgive her anyway, her reaction is quite unusual mostly mother’s support their daughters or at least they have soft feelings towards their daughters but here the case is entirely reverse.


Rehan Chaudhry’s father seems a bit reasonable person than Rehan himself, he visits Shayan’s father office when he learns that Shayan is sitting at their door asking for Rehan. The way they talk in a respectful and decent manner says that they both are sensible persons. Chaudhry tells Shayan’s father about Shayan’s current whereabouts. He instantly calls him and forbids him to take any action and asks him to return but Shayan does not move from his place.


The episode ends when Rehan’s step mother visits Hajra at her hospital, she pretends to be kind and nice with her, bringing with her flowers and telling Hajra that Rehan himself is not well and he got wounds too. Hajra ignores her. Rehan’s step mom does not stop here she further talks with Hajra’s parents revealing her identity and then suggesting them to stay quite on this issue and moreover offering them compensation.

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