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Inkaar Episode 12 Review: Shayan gets arrested

Will Shayan believe his father's lies?


Inkaar seems to become more gripping after every episode. Although we’re eagerly waiting to see the height Rehan Chaudhry can go to get Hajra, we’re enjoying the buildup to the moment. Laced with top notch performances by Yumna Zaidi, Imran Ashraf and Sami Khan, Inkaar is another Hum TV masterpiece by Kashif Nisar.

The episode begins when Rehan Cahudhry’s step mother shamelessly offers compensation which Hajra’s father strictly refuses. They have to ask her to leave.

However, Hajra’s mother’s strong reaction is one of strangest thing to see. Instead of supporting her daughter she is not ready to forgive Hajra and  starts cursing her. Moreover she calls her to be of a bad character girl which hits Hajra hardest but her father takes charge of the situation.


Shayan goes to Rehan’s village house to his real mother’s place where Rehan is currently staying. It seems Rehan’s mother shares a strong bond with Shayan as well and the dialogues they exchange are very heart touching.

Finding an opportunity Shayan attacks Rehan but somehow Rehan manages to save himself. When Rehan’s brother intervenes, Shayan is arrested for attempt to murder.


It seems like Rehan’s real mother holds a very strong and good character unlike his step mom who is corrupt from the core. Rehan’s mother reacts very strongly when she hears about her son’s attacking Shayan’s fiance. She beats Rehan and asks him to leave her house as soon as possible, she is deeply disappointed the way her husband’s second wife has raised Rehan.

On the other side Shayan’s father who happens to be a typical bureaucrat, instead of supporting his son, is doing what Chaudhry Saab is asking him to do. He snubs his wife for not stopping and later goes to the hospital to insult Hajra and her father for backing his son for taking revenge.  Shayan’s father does not stop here, he bails out his son and tells him that Hajra and family have agreed on compensation with Rehan’s family and it seems like Shayan is going to believe his father’s lies.

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