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Inkaar Episode 14 Review: Will Hajra and Shayan break up for sure?

Shayan had been momentarily distracted by his father's lies


With new dramas prepared to begin after Eid, there’s this one, which has been holding our interest very strongly since 14 weeks. Hum TV’s Inkaar starring Imran Ashraf, Yumna Zaidi and Sami Khan in the lead has been exceptional since day one and it only keeps on getting brilliant with every passing day. Kashif Nisar’s direction complements Zafar Mairaj’s story bringing about how a girl in this society faces challenges when she puts up her own stance.

So what happened in this week’s episode of Inkaar? Read along to find out.

The episode begins when Shayan gets misled by his father’s lies and almost breaks up with Hajra. When the news reaches Rehan Chaudhry he gets super excited. On the other hand his step mom has ensured the police is kept quite and Hajra is portrayed as mentally unstable. She has also bribed a nurse to give her all inside deets on Hajra and therefore Rehan is exuberant on hearing the developments.


Well in this big bad world, it is shown that there are some God fearing golden heart people too and Bhola Pehalwan is one of them. Apparently he is a thug but he has high regards for Hafiz Sahab and his family. When he comes to know the whole situation he uses his influence on the Police and makes sure that Rehan Chaudhry gets arrested. The character of Bhola is well crafted, the way he is standing in support of Hafiz Sahab against all odds is very heart touching. It restores our believe that good and bad exists in a balance in this society.

Shayan on the other hand gets shocked when he comes to know that Rehan is arrested because his father had told him that Hajra and her family had agreed for compensation and he had believed him. Now Shayan is really embarrassed, he visits Hajra at the hospital with flowers but Hajra is not ready to listen to him. She requests him that she wants to fight her war alone as she does not want Shayan to lose his relations for her. What does it mean is it a real breakup or will things settle down for Hajra and Shayan?

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