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Inkaar Episode 15 Review: Rehan admits in court that he has stabbed Hajra

Bhola badmash is Hajra's biggest support!


The drama serial Inkaar holding a very strong message next episode on aired. The message which this play try to convey to the audiences is that ‘No’ should be treated as ‘No’ and men should acknowledge the right of refusal of a girl. The theme is well tackled by the veteran writer Zafar Mairaj and well executed by Kashif Nisar. Yumna Zaidi plays the headstrong Hajra, an outstanding performance, as well as Imran Ashraf who play the villainous Rehan Chaudhry and Sami Khan is also quite impressive playing Shayan.

The episode begins when Rehan Chaudhry very proudly records his statement and admits that he has stabbed Hajra with a pair of scissors. He does that in a fit of anger as she was saying No to him.

He says because she said ‘I hate you’ when he showed his love emotions by saying ‘I love you’, Hajra kept on saying that she hates me, it made me mad,  I do not know what got into me and I ended up stabbing her with scissors that too 25 times!

Police are astonished upon hearing this blunt and straightforward statement, the police officer suggests him to reconsider his statement. Well, the problem with Rehan is his pride and ego.


Bhola Badmash turns out to be on Hajra’s side and is acting as her biggest support. He hires the best lawyer in the city to represent Hajra’s case. And it turns out to be the same lawyer Rehan’s father wants to hire but that lawyer excuses himself by telling him that he is already booked by Bhola Badmash.

Rehan’s father also tries to bribe him, but the lawyer refuses the offer. Rehan’s father also visits Bhola Badmash but he treats him very coldly and tells him that he is going to teach Rehan a lesson. The irony is that Bhola being a mafia person has got better ethical values than the so-called respectable Chaudhry.


Hajra is discharged from the hospital, her mother welcomes her back in the home but her brother starts taunting her now and then, that the incident has damaged Hajra’s reputation and image in front of the world and now her own brother thinks that Hajra has done something wrong.

It is the unfair world who is quick to judge a girl’s character and pass judgments, here Rehan is after Hajra and he stabs her but instead of getting Rehan blamed, this incident has damaged Hajra’s reputation and her mistake is that she had the courage to say No!


Rehan very proudly and shamelessly admits in the court that she has stabbed Hajra 25 times with a scissor and the reason he gives is that Hajra is his woman, he is acting over his feudal genes to forcefully possess a woman!

Though his lawyer saves him by saying that he is not in a sound state of mind, which again seems odd as he himself has admitted that he has committed the crime. But, why is Court giving him time?

Rehan’s stepmom and lawyer are trying hard for Rehanto to change his statement. let’s see what happens in the next episode.

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