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Inkaar Episode 18 Review: Court declares Rehan Chaudhry innocent

Inkaar the drama serial might be inspired from a real life incident, but it has done complete justice when it comes to scripting and performances alongside direction. Right from the go, Inkaar has kept its audience hooked with its unpredictable nature. The play has been beautifully penned down by the veteran writer Zafar Miraaj and brilliantly helmed by Kashif Nisar who is known for directing masterpieces when it comes to Pakistan television.

So what went on in this week’s episode of Inkaar? Read along to find out;

In the previous episode we have seen that Bholo Pehalwaan, who is Hajra’s only hope, is killed and so she fails to show up any proofs and evidences against Rehan Chaudhry. Rehan’s lawyer brings a witness, he is the same corrupt Dean of Hajra’s University. The Dean further vilifies Hajra’s character by saying that she used to keep so many boyfriends. Shayan speaks up in her defense by saying that it is not true and that she is an honorable woman and his soon to be his wife. Instead of listening to his point court penalizes Shayan for contempt of Court.


Hajra’s lawyer fails to bring any proofs and evidences therefore court declares Rehan Chaudhry innocent. Ironic isn’t it, because Rehan himself, in first hearing had shamelessly admitted that he had stabbed Hajra with scissors in the parlor. However, his lawyer maintains that his mental state is not sound and so he’s off the hook without a sentence.


Hajra’s brother is very disturbed with the societal pressure and he spares no chance to taunt Hajra but her major support is her father. He gives a good beating session to the brother so he would never dare to speak like that again in front of Hajra.

On the other hand, Rehan’s mother seems like the only sensible lady in that house she is really ashamed of what Rehan has done with Hajra. She asks Hajra to forgive him and when that shameless Rehan again asks her mother to go to Hajra’s place for his proposal she slaps hard on his face! Well it seems like it is not certainly her bringing which has made Rehan such a beast.

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