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Inkaar Episode 19 Review: Hajra wants Rehan dead!

Hajra has had to face dreadful consequences as a result of saying no to someone with a lot of power. Rehan is now making sure Hajra goes through hell for everything she dared deny him. Zafar Mairaj’s story is not only interesting, its an eye opener. Kashif Nisar’s direction and performances gives by the lead cast ensure, Inkaar is still one of the best drama serials, even after 19 weeks of going strong. It won’t be incorrect to say Yumna Zaidi has outdone herself in Inkaar. Imran Ashraf will be next remember as Rehan Chaudhry after Bhola, because his negative character is very powerful.

So what happened in this week’s episode of Inkaar?

The episode begins when Rehan Chaudhry’s mother is snubbing him for being obsessive with Hajra as she is really ashamed of what he has done with her. Rehan’s mother is the only sane and good person in the family who really can feel by heart comparatively to Rehan’s step mom who is a real vile character. She often takes advantage of Rehan’s mother’s strict behavior with Rehan and offers Rehan her help to arrange his marriage with Hajra.


Rehan’s step mother visits Hajra’s place and she literally threatens Hajra’s parents to marry off Hajra with Rehan otherwise she knows other ways to have it done. Despite of Hajra and her mother’s snubbing and shouting she stays relaxed and keeps threatening them in her calm manner. And to our surprise, her threats work on Hajra’s mother and she accepts the proposal despite of Hajra’s constant refusal. According to Hajra’s mother it is their only way to save themselves.


Rehan’s mother is convincing Rehan to go back with her to his village where he will be again his own self not what he has been turned to. Rehan is almost moved to what his mother has said to him but again changes his mind when he is told that his marriage proposal has been accepted by Hajra’s parents. He is such a stone heart that when his father asks him to make a choice whether to live with his own mother or marry Hajra, he chooses Hajra breaking her mother’s heart.


Hajra on the other hand is extremely worried she visits Shayan and asks him if he can kill Rehan Chaudhry.  She wants him dead at all costs. She has shared her helplessness with Shayan, who already loved her too much. What will happen next is what we wait to see because Hajra cannot be with Rehan at any cost. She’ll be destroyed and Hajra, who has been strong throughout, does not deserve this.

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