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Inkaar Episode 20 Review: Hajra raises her voice on social media

20 episodes down, Inkaar is still as engaging as it was on its first episode. The drama, is said to be inspired by the real story of Khadijah, but yes it has been dramatized to an extent. However, writer Zafar Mairaj has done complete justice, bringing across a story of a society that refuses to believe a girl and the struggle of a girl who has the nerve to say no in face of power.

Let’s read to find out what happened in this week’s episode of Inkaar?

Rehan Chaudhry’s real mother is a sensible God fearing lady, she is shocked to see that her son has turned so much brutal that he is not even ashamed on his crime. Even after stabbing Hajra, he is still after her and this doesn’t sit well with his mother.


Hajra with the help of her friend and Shayan records a video about how Rehan has ruined her life and posts it on social media. The post gets viral on social media so much so that TV channels start reaching Hajra and her family despite of Hajra and her family’s refusal, they run programs on Hajra. It is then that Shayan and her friend persuade her to appear on a TV show so that the world will know her story.


Rehan Chaudhry’s father and step mother really get upset on all this as the public is now with Hajra and now people starts questioning Rehan Chaudhry and his father. Being an MNA it seems a great hurdle for him for winning the next elections. Rehan’s father reaches Hajra’s father and requests him in a respectful manner to stop Hajra from all this. Hajra’s father says that they have forced her to do this. However, despite this, he tells them that he’ll stop Hajra.


However, Hajra without her parents permission goes live on a TV channel which actually shocks her parents as well. On top of that Rehan’s father calls him in a furious rage threatening him despite of Hajra’s father explaining how he did not know about anything. Now Hajra has invited more trouble for herself as Rehan’s father will himself be involved in the matter. How will Hajra win against this vile world? We’re loving Hajra’s persistence and her confidence. Yumna Zaidi has outdone herself as Hajra while Imran Ashraf as Rehan is impressive as always. Inkaar has been a delight to watch and continues to do so.

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