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Inkaar Episode 21 Review: Rehan abducts Hajra’s brother

Inkaar has had us hooked since the first episode. Not only does it brings across how the Pakistani judiciary system does not have laws to protect women, it also depicts how money and power can buy just about everything, except consent. Hajra (Yumna Zaidi) has been standing strong in the face of her adversary Rehan (Imran Ashraf) for so long now, but we’re curious to see, will she ever get justice, or will she too, scummb to the immense power Rehan has.

The performances by the lead cast, especially under the maetsro Kashif Nisar’s direction have been splendid. Needless to say, the plot of Inkaar is also a tight one, bringing one monumental developmental after another, without dragging the story, one bit.

So what went on in this week’s episode of Inkaar? Read on to find out;

The episode begins when Rehan Chaudhry buys one of the most popular TV show and anchor by coming Live at his show with his side of story and his pile of lies. The step Rehan has taken here, reflects how corrupt our media  is that anchors can easily get sold against some hefty amount of money and the truth is twisted as per need.


Rehan’s step mom has the audacity to threaten Shayan’s father to keep him away from Hajra’s matters but little does she knows that it is not possible for Shayan’s parents to control him, he is head over heels in love with Hajra and is always there to protect her. Shayan’s father house arrests him so that he can make Shayan stay home but all his efforts are in vain as Shayan in the middle of the night sneaks out of the house, dodging the Police.


Rehan Chaudhry again hits the low and this time he kidnaps Hajra’s brother and planning to pressurize her to marry him. Hajra’s mother is so furious at Hajra , she starts cursing her and for her the only solution is to marrying her to Rehan so that they can safely get their son back but Hajra’s father is not in favor of this. He is not ready to marry off Hajra with Rehan at any cost.


Hajra tells Rehan that her brother has nothing to do with their matter so he should not do any harm to him on which Rehan shows a video him where Jawad is having food and he is looking okay, Hajra shows that video to her parents. Shayan arrives at their place at the middle of the night and Hafiz Sahab shares the whole matter with him and on top of that he orders Hajra to do Nikkah with Shayan as soon as possible despite of Hajra’s mother opposition. Will Hajra marry Shayan and go against the wish of her mother or will she save her brother by marrying Rehan?

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