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Inkaar Episode22 Review: Rehan wants to make Hajra pay!

Inkaar, a masterpiece of a drama depicting the horrendous experience of a head strong girl Hajra who dared to say no in face of power, has become our favorite watch since the past 22 weeks. The play is brilliantly penned down by veteran writer Zafar Mairaj and incredibly helmed by Kashif Nisaar. Yumna Zaidi has simply outdone her role as Hajra and Imran Ashraf as Rehan Chaudhry makes us not think about his famous character Bhola for a minute. Sami Khan, is well, Sami Khan, a perfectionist in what he does, but it is definitely Imran Ashraf who steals the spotlight every single time.

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So what went on in episode 22 of Inkaar? Read on to find out;

The episode begins when despite of having so much pressure from her mother, Hajra says yes and gets married to Shayan! Her mother is clearly seeing her son dead after all this but Hajra’s father is with Hajra and he has urged them to perform the Nikkah.


Rehan asks Hajra to meet her but Hajra goes there with Shayan and tells Rehan that Shayan is now her husband. Rehan tries to act very cool on that, congratulating them saying that it is good that he has married her otherwise who would have married such girl who has brought so much disgrace to herself in public. Rehan further says that he would never think of marrying her, despite burning inside.


Rehan puts a condition in front of Hajra as a ransom for her brother that she has to upload a video where she has to admit in public that all she said against Rehan was wrong and he has done nothing bad with her, in fact it is she who is after him. In other words Rehan wants poor Hajra to wash all his sins as a ransom to save her own brother’s life. But thankfully, Shayan has something else in his mind, which he proposes to Hajra.


Shayan takes Hajra to his home where he introduces her to his parents as his wife. The family does not accept Hajra but Shayan strikes a bargain to ask his father to try to save Jawad from Rehan. However, Shayan’s father too fails and is transferred as a result. Thus leaving the two helpless once again.

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What will happen next? Will Rehan quietly swallow Hajra being married to Shayan or will he have something else up his sleeve? We simply cannot wait to find out next week, because Inkaar’s pace is such that it offers something new in each episode.

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