Inkaar Episode 3 Review: Hajra narrates her story to Shayan

One of the classiest drama serial which revolves around betrayal and importance of refusal, Inkaar on aired its third episode. The story that has hooked the interest of audience right from the beginning of the play intensified today with the arrival of Rehan Chaudhry played by Imran Ashraf in the play. In this episodes Hajra unraveled her mystery, her reason of dropping her university and everything else that has been going on in her life . This beautiful tale of love, betrayal and refusal is incredibly written by the veteran writer Zafar Miraaj. Sami Khan, Yamna Zaidi and Imran Ashraf have definitely delivered some fine performances to mark the beginning of the play.

Inkaar 2nd Episode Review: Shayan is not the one to back out

The episode begins when Shayan’s father is appreciating his consistent approach and then ends up congratulating him on his success as Hajra’s father has agreed for his proposal. Shayan is clueless as he is shocked thinking about how a headstrong girl like Hajra agreed for his proposal. He is still wondering on what is going and tries to absorb it when he and Hajra go out on a drive. Hajra surprisingly asks about his wounds in a worried tone and then asks him to take her to Wazir Khan Mosque.

Here Hajra narrates her story, revealing her secret and her reason about dropping her studies in the middle.  Hajra begins her story by telling Shayan that she used to be a lively girl and a bright students with so many goals  in her life. She treasured her culture and pride her self on her brought  but then her paths crossed with Rehan Chaudhry.

Apparently Rehan Chaudhry is a typical flirt but a master of his field. Hajra who had never thought in her wildest dreams that she would get attracted to such kind of a guy eventually falls in love with Chaudhry after a sequence of events.

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Chaudhry is a son of a renowned MNA and a feudal. From what we saw it appeared that even Chaudhry is not even familiar with the dept of love and emotions that come along. However in the phase of impressing Hajra, he pretended to be thorough gentleman who always showed immense respect for her. This makes her fall in love with him but later on she realizes her mistake. Chaudhry does not know anything about love but lust.  Hajra ends her story telling Shayan about how  Chaudhry tricked her by inviting her to his place and she is forced to meet him in his bedroom where he tries to be inappropriate with her. The only reason why Hajra loved Chaudhry was that he respected her but it was then lost.

Will Shayan be able to accept Hajra after hearing her story? What course will this story take now? Considering Rehan Chaudhry’s background, it seems he will now consider Hajra more of a quest than anything else.

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