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Inkaar Episode 4 Review: Shayan & Hajra get engaged

Since the start of the drama, we had a few reservations about Shayan. We thought his being persistent in his efforts to win over Hajra would prove to be irritating for her and that would lead to Hajra’s discomfort. However, ever since the 3rd episode, our predictions all went down the drain. The plot of the story became entirely unpredictable, something we cannot try and judge anymore, because anything could happen.

Before we move on to what happened in the latest episode of Inkaar, we have to give it to the lead cast of the drama to have delivered some amazing performances. Imran Ashraf as Rehan Chaudhry, as they say, is in love with acting and it shows in whatever character he picks up. The man is brilliant with his timings, his expressions and his dialogue delivery. In the 4th episode, you’ll find him expressing more with his face than his dialogues and that’s absolutely best. Yumna Zaidi, another winner. The woman expressed the confusion and plight of having her reputation compromised with so much finesse. The spring in Hajra’s step was made so prominent by Yumna Zaidi that you absolutely fell happy with her. Sami Khan, certainly knows what he’s doing when it comes to acting. He makes you believe that men like Shayan do exist and you build a happy bubble for Hajra, considering he’s protecting her from every harm coming her way. Rehan Sheikh as Hafiz Sahab, Hajra’s dad also needs praise. His composure, his authority and his relationship with his daughter is exemplary not only in the script but with Rehan’s portrayal of it.

So what happened in this week’s episode of Inkaar?

Last week we were left in a suspense about what happened with Hajra when she went to meet Rehan. However, this episode cleared all the doubts. Hajra shared each and every detail of the incident with Shayan and he, much to her surprise, actually accepted her for what she was. Hajra, albeit gradually, has fallen in love with Shayan, who returns her feelings. The way, she looked at him, when he took upon the blame on himself and got her job back at school, was beautiful. Hajra could not believe that men like Shayan would exist.


Hajra made a foolish mistake because she fell in love but she stayed strong and fought back with fervor. And now Shayan is supporting her all the way. Will he side with her when the time comes or will she have to do it on her own, this is something we’re eagerly waiting to watch in the coming episodes of Inkaar.

Another thing we like about the drama is the fact that both families have trusted their children’s choice and taken their consent, trusting them to build their own future. Although Shayan’s mother had reservations, she gave in without any fight, when Shayan assured her of what he wanted.

On the other hand, while Hajra is madly in love and thinking about a perfect future, Rehan Chaudhry is not sitting on his rump, doing nothing. He has gotten wind of Hajra’s engagement and he is furious. The promos of the upcoming episodes show he’ll definitely subject Hajra and Shayan to his wrath, but with the planning of a master player, that he is. We’re actually worried for Hajra because her happy bubble is about to be burst.


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