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Inkaar Episode 6 Review : Hajra felt betrayed for the second time

Inkaar is an intense story penned down by the veteran writer Zafar Miraj and well helmed by Kashif Nisar as the director. What is exciting about Inkaar is the fact that it isn’t at all predictable. The drama throws turns and twists at you when you’re least expecting them. We thought Rehan would make Hajra and Shayan’s life hell but things have actually turned around by what he told Hajra in this episode. Sami Khan has beautifully carried his role as adorable Shayan, Yumna Zaidi is at her best as Hajra and Imran Asharaf has so perfectly carried Rehan, that we cannot stop  ourselves from hating him.

The episode begins when Hajra once again confronts Rehan Chaudhry and tells him that he has been more cheap and has hit more lows than she imagined. She further flaunts her engagement ring and tells him that those who respect or those with honest intentions try to make things official  like the way Shayan did! She reminds Rehan what he did and how he snatched her chaddar (veil) from her head.


However, what Rehan tells her, snatches the floor beneath Hajra’s feet. Rehan goes on to confess that whatever happened between him and Hajra, happened in Shayan’s house and his room. Hajra is in denial but she goes straight to visit Shayan and is shocked to discover the same place. Shayan is surprised and then disturbed upon finding the reason behind Hajra’s visit.


Shayan requests her to give him one chance for explanation but Hajra is not ready to listen. She is broken and feeling betrayed for the second time in her life. She cries her heart out on streets and is avoiding her family and Shayan. Shayan goes to Rehan’s place in a furious rage and they have brawl.


Well it seems like Rehan is already in relationship with a girl, but Hajra is a matter of his ego, more than love. He simply cannot stand the fact that Hajra is in a relationship with Shayan. He just cannot let Shayan have her, as he thinks that Hajra is his property. Well Hajra is surely feeling bad and hurt but Shayan deserves one chance at an explanation too which Hajra is not letting him have. Will Hajra listen for once what Shayan has to say on this matter? What is the actual twist behind the story? We’re certainly hooked to find out.

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