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Inkaar Episode 7 Review: Hajra hears Shayan’s side of story in Rehan’s presence

Penned down by the veteran writer Zafar Miraaj and brilliantly directed by Kashif Nisar, Inkaar is one classy play with lots of turns and twists. The best thing about Inkaar is the fact that the story is not dragged and the unpredictable chain of events keep the audience guessing. Alongside intense emotions Inkaar also has an element of suspense and some amazing performances by Sami Khan, Imran Ashraf and Yumna Zaidi. Imran Ashraf has definitly proven his versatility as an actor, playing a negative role to perfection in Inkaar.

The episode begins with an intense emotional scene where Shayan tells Hajra’s father not to bother her and further he requests him to pray for him. The way Hajra’s father embraces Shayan  brings tears in our eyes too. Hajra’s father has seen the beauty of Shayan’s soul and he has realized that he loves Hajra even more than him. Hajra’s father discusses his feelings and the prayers he makes for Shayan melts down Hajra so that she’s willing to listen to his side of the story.


Shayan is so broken that he plans to leave the city but then he is surprised by Hajra’s call and her telling him that she wants to meet him. They meet at Wazir Khan Mosque, well one wonder why she always choose that venue, a mosque? Anyways Shayan narrates his side of story and all of us are surprised to learn that Rehan is Shayan’s childhood best friend and he is the one who has stabbed on his friend’s back and betrayed him.


Hajra demands Shayan to narrate his story in Rehan’s presence looking into his eyes. Shayan does that he narrates his story how he shares his feelings for Hajra with him and how he has exploited his feelings and then eventually betrayed him. Shayan’s story has revealed more of Rehan’s ugly self, he is so evil that he does not hesitate to hurt his childhood friend. However Shayan’s story has also touched Hajra’s heart.


Shayan narrates each and every detail, how Rehan offers Shayan to help him out and that he will convey his message to her but in real he himself is flirting with her. Moreover Rehan tries to vilify her character too in front of Shayan but then when Shayan challenges him he bet that he can prove him wrong and for that he plans a plot at Shayan’s house where Hajra comes to visit Rehan but then Rehan tries to make inappropriate advances to her on which Shayan intervenes and Hajra escapes from the place. Will Shayan’s side of the story be enough to melt Hajra’s heart or will she stay away from Shayan, avoiding the mess altogether?

Inkaar gets interesting by the episode and we’d love to see more of this amazing drama.

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