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Inkaar episode 9 Review: Rehan stabs Hajra for saying no to him

Rehan Chaudhry is the ultimate villain!


Zafar Mairaj as writer and Kashif Nisar as director; combine this with a versatile star cast comprising of Sami Khan, Yumna Zaidi, Imran Ashraf and Rehan Sheikh to name a few and you have a winner in Inkaar. The story and the pace at which the drama is going on is a major win for Inkaar because it keeps the audience hooked with its unpredictability and lets you enjoy a drama that offers something very different.

So what happened this week?

The episode begins when Rehan Chaudhry is trying to force Shayan to leave Hajra. He seems like an insane person who has lost all his sense of reasoning as all he wants is Hajra. For Rehan, Hajra  is more than a matter of his ego and persistence than love. He wants to possess her at any cost. He leaves for his village and begs his real mother to let him marry Hajra as he is already engaged with her mother’s niece, he says that he will keep both his marriages. He will marry both because there’s nothing wrong with that because his father too has two wives.


Poor Hajra is in real trouble as Rehan Chaudhry is pressurizing her in various ways. He tried to vilify her character and then tried to waylay her with his girlfriend and step mom but nothing worked for Hajra as she trusts Shayan completely.


Rehan’s father gets involved and calls Hajra’s father in law and discusses the matter with him. He further shares it with Hajra’s father. Hajra’s father is really upset and angry on Rehan Chaudhry but Hajra is more ashamed on the fact that she has wronged her father. She really wants to teach that corrupt dean a lesson. Shayan’s father is very disturbed over Chaudhry Sahab’s call and he shares it with Shayan that Chaudhry Sahab is saying that the only solution is that they should get marry as soon as possible.


Shayan finally is successful in convincing Hajra to get marry sooner but fate has something else in store for her. While she is getting dolled up at the salon for her wedding, she is approached by Rehan Chaudhry who in a fit of anger, over Hajra denying that she does not love him, stabs Hajra multiple times. Here we’d like to specially mention Imran Ashraf as Rehan Chaudhry. The actor is one of the finest to have emerged in Pakistan after a long period of time. Imran Ashraf delivers stupendous performance o matter what role he is entrusted with. Be it Bhola or Rehan Chaudhry, Imran Ashraf never fails to amaze his audience with spot on performances.

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