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Ishq e Laa Episode-27 Review: Azka pays off all favors Azlan has done to her

Azlaan has asked too much from Azka and still, he is not being grateful.

Ishq e Laa Episode-27 ReviewIshq e Laa Episode-27 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Ishq E Laa the drama serial airing on Hum TV is 27 episodes down and still play does not seems close to its conclusion. The story started to give an impression as if something was missing in the play, however; this episode is really very engaging and particularly its spirituality theme is quite heart-touching. We like the nuances within the story. In the previous episode, we have seen that Azka and Azlaan’s marriage is not more than a paper contract. In this episode, Azka working according to the contract donates her kidney to Azlaan’s mother paying off all the favors Azlaan has done for her.

Right on the very next day of the wedding, Azlaan’s mother’s condition gets worse and she is once again in a critical state where kidney transplantation is badly needed. Azka signs the paper the way she is signing off the paper, her hand is trembling and she is a little scared and worried but then she makes herself strong and donates her kidney. Azlaan is being too mean in this whole situation.

I really like Dr. A.Rehmaan’s motivational and inspirational lectures, initially, I used to criticize those lectures calling them additional but now they add up to the narrative and add more value to the story. Poor Azka is all alone when she undergoes the surgery she has no one on her side as she has hidden this from her family, Azlaan is so mean and selfish that he does not even care to attend to her.

Azlaan’s mother’s body is not receiving well that organ, in fact, her body is sort of rejecting the kidney. The doctor even asks Azlaan to pray but he is so averse to praying that he starts mocking it. He is so astray that he even challenges Azka to pray for her mother and if Allah will answer her prayers then he will accept that Allah really hears (God Forbid) Azka prays for Azlaan’s mother with all her heart and Allah answers her prayers.

Azka prays with all her heart in the most humble way and miraculously her prayer is answered. Azlaan’s mother’s condition has started getting better. Well with Azlaan’s mother’s betterment of health Azlaan heart seems to get softened a bit but his proud and arrogant self remains with him. He tells Azka that she has won her challenge not acknowledging the power of prayers. Azka questions his relationship with Allah and his faith. Later Azlaan is a bit shaken by Kanwal Bhabi’s reality check he is being a real mean person. Azka pays off very well all the favors Azlaan has ever done for her risking her own life but in real Azlaan has asked too much from her and still, he is not being grateful.

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