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Ishq e Laa Episode-28 Review: Azlaan undergoes change of heart

Zain is back in Azka's life

Ishq e Laa Episode-28 ReviewIshq e Laa Episode-28 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Hum TV’s drama serial Ishq E Laa is one play with nuances and deep messaging. Although despite its unique storyline and messaging, it also seems that something is lacking in the play maybe a few execution lapses. In the previous episode, Azka pays off all the favors Azlaan has done to her by donating her kidney to his mother. In the latest episode, we find Azlaan who seems to have undergone a change of heart.

Kanwal Bhabi’s taunts have opened Azlaan’s eyes and he is realizing that he is been selfish to Azka moreover his heart gets softened when he hears Azka telling the doctor not to tell Azlaan’s mother that she has denoted her kidney. Moreover, Azlaan gets shocked to hear when Azka names Shanaya as her inspiration something she looks up to.

Kanwal Bhabi is telling Zain about Azka’a nikkah with Azlaan when her mother overhears them talking.

Azlaan’s heart has just started to incline towards Azka when the doctor tells him that he is very lucky to have such a great wife. Later he sees Zain walking into Azka’s room with flowers. Zain tells Azka that he is waiting for her and he knows about his deal with Azlaan. Azka although not welcomes her fully but seems that Zain coming back into her life is something which she does not disapprove of especially when he knows she is having a paper marriage with Azlaan.

Azlaan undergoes a change of heart when he visits Professor Rehman. This time Professor sahab bluntly tells AzLaan that he is being proud and arrogant. He tells him that Allah does not like arrogance and pride and also ingratitude. It seems like Professor sahab has shown him a mirror however; this sudden change of heart seems a bit unreal. Azlaan going to the shrine and meeting saints seems like he is on a journey to become a believer and Azka plays an important role in making thinking him that way.

Azka seems like okay to reconcile with Zain she gets no reason to keep false hopes and expectations from Azlaan as he has clearly told her that it was a paper contract and moreover his arrogant behavior always humiliates her. Azka is justified to look forward to Zain. She has all the rights to have all the love and happiness. However little does she know that Azlaan’s heart has started inclining towards her but Zain has come in between? Azka shocks Azlaan that she is now leaving him as they have done with their deal. Will Azlaan let Azka go from his life? Will let her go with Zain?

We have to wait for the next episode to find out more.

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