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Ishq e Laa Ep-3 Review: Azlaan badly insults Azka and wrongly takes his friend’s side

Shanaya is getting threat calls on her daring projects

Ishq e Laa Ep-3 ReviewIshq e Laa Ep-3 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Ishq e Laa the drama serial airing on Hum Tv is a slow pace yet impactful drama though not much deep. The hero of the play Azlaan is nothing like a hero he is proud and arrogant. In the previous episode, we have seen that he snubs Azka on seeing a hair in a curry. In this episode, Azlaan wrong takes his friend’s side when his friend is verbally harassing Azka.

The episode begins when Azka faces Azlaan after breaking his perfume bottle, she is trying to hide it when she has injured her hand. Azlaan instead of having any soft side on seeing her bleeding hand insults her badly calls her names like dishonest and thief, he accuses her by saying that hiding the broken bottle is equal to stealing it.

Shanaya the brave soul is out there making daring projects where she is exposing the organ trafficking mafias. She is successful in exposing one of the big-shot mafia. She is getting threatening calls but nothing can stop her from her noble cause. Shanaya’s mother wants her to get married as according to her marriage is security and she wants to see her secure and safe. Why can’t a girl take care of her own safety and security?

Azka decides to help her mother out so she joins her mother back in the work. There Azlaan’s mother asks her to serve tea and snacks to Azlaan and his friend. Well her mother knows that Azka always creates problems whenever she faces Azlaan still she has no other house to help to ask for this chore. Azka serves tea to Azlaan’s friend who verbally harassed her by passing a few remarks indirectly. Azka overhears those remarks and she strongly reacts by insulting Azlaan’s friend.

Azlaan instead of protecting his house help takes his friend’s side and he snubs Azka for misbehaving with his guest. Azlaan’s mother reaches on spot and she takes Azka’s side but Azlaan is in no mood to hear anything. He says that he does not want to see Azka or his family in his house anymore. Azka leaves the house requesting Azlaan’s mother not to fire her brother. Azlaan’s mother fears that Azlaan may not get any ill wish as he has broken Azka’s heart, she shares about it with Shanaya, she goes to meet Azka. In that scene, we see our two drama Queens (Yumna Zaidi and Sajal Aly) together. Shanaya asks her to forgive Azlaan. She calls Azlaan too and tells him that he needs to apologize. Will Azlaan ever realize his mistake?

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