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Ishq e Laa Episode-7 Review: A miracle saves Azka from marrying Abid

Shanaya and Azlaan are enjoying their married life

Ishq e Laa Episode-7 ReviewIshq e Laa Episode-7 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Ishq e Laa the drama serial airing on HUM TV is one of the strong stories, the play is packed with powerful performances be it, Yumna Zaidi or Sajal Aly,  both have nailed their roles with finesse. In the previous episode, both Shanaya and Azka became brides but with entirely different destinies. In this episode, we have seen that Shanaya is happily married to Azlaan whereas a miracle happens which saves Azka from marrying that loafer, Abid.

The episode begins when Molvi Sahab is asking Azka’s consent for Nikkah and she is reluctant to reply. She has not replied when they hear a loud scream, Aliha Kanwal and Sultan’s daughter has fallen from the stairs. The moment she gets injured Kanwal has realized that she is being punished for her sins. She has realized that she is being punished for the fake swearing.

Kanwal begs forgiveness from Azka and her mother in law, they both forgive her, and eventually, Aliha’s life is saved too. However, this whole incident is no less than a miracle for Azka, a miracle that has saved Azka’s life from marrying that loafer, Abid. Kanwal is now resolute that she will be like a sister to Azka and she has made up her mind not to marry off Azka to Abid at any cost. She clearly refuses her khala.

Shanaya and Azlaan have started a very ideal married life. They both look so happy and beautiful together, their romance is so dreamy. However Azlaan has thrown a few shades of her personality at some places, he is arrogant and sort of secular in nature. He taunts Shanaya as a molvain when she sees her reciting Quraan. He is sure that he will change her. Azlaan asks Shanaya that where she wants to go on her Honeymoon, Shanaya rejects all the foreign destinations and selects the Northern Areas of Pakistan.

We have seen some really picturesque scenes of Northern Areas but there too Azlaan is worrying about the mobile and internet connection.

Azka and her mother are too happy to see Kanwal’s transformation. Kanwal has turned into a new leaf, she turns to be a very loving and caring sister and daughter. Abid when hears about the refusal, he invades Azka’s house in a furious range threatening the ladies of the house that he will not let Azka marry anywhere else or he will kidnap her. Kanwal tries to give Abid a shut-up call but he misbehaves with her too. The episode ends where Kanwal tells Sultan about Abid’s threats and he gets out of the house in a very furious mood. On the whole a very powerful episode!

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