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Ishq e Laa Last Episode Review: Play ends on Azka and Azlaan’s union

Hum TV Drama serial featuring Sajal Aly, Yumna Zaidi, and Azaan Sami Khan has finally come to its conclusion. Performances are on point, the script is very well written with unique narrative and nuances Qaisara Hayat deserves appreciation. The execution of the play is equally good by Amin Iqbal. The play ended with a happy union of Azka and Azlaan. The journey of Azlaan towards the path of his Creator is really very fascinating.

Coming to the Last episode, in particular, is not as entertaining and engaging as the second last episode was. The background score is too loud and I find great difficulty in getting the dialogues, particularly in Azlaan and Azka scenes. The way Azlaan’s mother gets to know about the contract marriage is so bad, that Azka should have stopped her annoying bhabi.

Azlaan and Azka scenes are really heart-touching. Our heart goes out to Azlaan when Azka refuses his offer to stay. Azka does not love Zain the way she used to,  then why does she is not clearly seeing that Azlaan has turned into a new leaf. Azlaan offering namaz has put a smile on her face but still, she is not ready to accept him why?

Initially, I used to criticize Professor Rehman’s lectures as I find them additional and quite didactic but now those lectures just fit in and support the narrative of the play. It is the journey of the Self to the path of its Creator, the journey in search of Allah is actually Ishq e Laa which in reality is the utter submission of one’s will and wishes in front of the wishes of its Creator. Gratitude, kindness, and humbleness are the keys that take one on the path of Ishq e Laa. In the end, we have seen Azlaan going on that fascinating journey of Ishq e Laa the real Ishq.

The moment when Azka signs the divorce papers have broken our hearts but then Azlaan behaves like a real hero. He refuses to sign the papers and asks for a chance to have a talk with his wife. We all and even Azka’s family are also rooting for Azlaan and Azka to stay in the marriage but it is Azka who literally wants to hear from Azlaan that he loves her and Azlaan does that. He tells Azka that he does not want to relive the regret of not expressing his love so he professes his love for her and wins her! We wonder why not feel sorry for poor Zain? Azka and Azlaan visit together to Shanaya’s grave its looks so beautiful and complete. Such a heart-touching storytelling kudos to the entire team of Ishq e Laa.

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