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Ishq Hai Ending Episodes Overview: Unlike expectations, every thing is settled between Isra and Shahzaib

Does Shahzaib deserve to be forgiven?

Ishq Hai Ending Episodes OverviewIshq Hai Ending Episodes Overview | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Ishq Hai one of the most trending drama serials airing at ARY Digital finally comes to its end. Unlike what we all expecting it’s a happy ending. The play ended on a positive note where everything gets settled. In the previous episodes, we saw Shahzaib was all set marrying Nimra but in these episodes, Hammad and Haris prove Isra’s innocence in front of Shahzaib, and then it leads towards their happy reunion.

Haris on the hospital bed feels guilty over his past sins, he wants to redeem himself by proving Isra’s innocence by confessing whatever he has done with her in front of Shahzaib through a video message. Moreover, Hammad also goes to Shahzaib’s wedding and there he opens the mic of the phone where Isra’s call is stopping his brother not to stop Shahzaib.

Isra’s call and her words have already touched Shahzaib, moreover, that video message is enough proof for him to leave his wedding and Nimra. He goes straight to the hospital to meet Haris to find out more truth about this matter. There Shahzaib comes to know that his mother, Samreen and Nimra all are equally involved in this plotting with Haris. Shahzaib disowns his mother and brother and leaves his house and business.

There is another death shown in the play. Nimra commits suicide when Shahzaib leaves her in the wedding hall without marrying her, she cannot face Shahzaib nor she cannot take this insult so ends her life. Her death opens Samreen’s life too it is because of her greed for power and money that she lost her sister. Shahzaib’s mother is waiting for her son like a lunatic she wants to beg forgiveness from him but he does not show up. Isra’s toxic bhabi changes all together into a supportive and loving one because the play is ending and everything should get resolved in the end.

Isra is not ready to forgive Shahzaib for his past conduct. He is persistently pursuing her for forgiveness. The best part is that Isra’s brother and family are not pressurizing Isra this time she has given full choice to either leave Shahzaib or forgive him. Isra is not forgiving him when he tells him that he will end his life and begs her to give him another chance she forgives him. Not only him but later we have seen that she forgives Shahzaib’s family too. There is a time-lapse issue as it is shown that Isra and Shahzaib have been blessed with a baby boy, so it takes more than a year for Isra to forgive Shahzaib’s family. All well that ends well. Does Shahzaib deserve to be forgiven?

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