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Ishq Hai Episodes 11 & 12 Review: Isra’s hatred for Shahzaib is not going slow

Isra's family is not ready to forgive her

Ishq Hai Episodes 11 & 12 ReviewIshq Hai Episodes 11 & 12 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Ishq Hai airing at ARY Digital is a tale of disastrous consequences of obsessiveness love and over possessiveness. Shahzaib’s over possessiveness has ruined Isra’s life and reputation. In the previous episodes, we have seen Isra hating Shahzaib for forcefully marrying her because of which she has lost her father.

Isra ex-fiance’s behavior is now not making any sense. If we analyze the whole situation, the actual culprit for Shahzaib’s action, his teasing and his show offing is the actual cause behind Shahzaib going to that extend and he is still trying to make Isra’s brother loose cool by taunting him about Isra’s elopement and about Shahzaib and her appearance in the funeral. What is his actual motive? is he still hoping to win Isra back? Well, Isra does not deserve this creep.

Samreen’s father’s unreasonable attitude is not making any sense at all, his anger on Shahzaib’s mother is not  justified at all. He has seen with his own eyes that Shahzaib’s mother has thrown him out of the house but still, he is persisting that he does not want to marry off any of her daughter in that family. Samreen’s father’s status does not allow him to have this excessive pride. Well, Shahzaib’s mother pleads with him and he says that he will think about Samreen’s marrying off to her son. Too much arrogance for a daughter’s father!

Shahzaib is trying hard to win Isra’s love back but Isra is resolute that she will make Shahzaib’s life hell. Apart from all the toxic background their relationship had, the passion between Shahzaib and Isra is still so powerful. Shahzaib once again goes to Isra’s brother’s house to tell them that Isra has no hand in their elopement but not for a single time he tells them that he had actually abducted her that night and forcefully married her. Shahzaib’s labor of saying “Isra ka koi qasoor nahi” and getting beaten in return, all these efforts are futile when he does not have the guts to utter that he has actually kidnapped her that night.

We have always seen Azeekah Daniel in positive roles and for the very first time I am watching her character portrayed in a negative light and it does not go well with her soft looks.  Will Isra’s heart going to melt for Shahzaib? Will Shahzaib will ever be successful in winning Isra’s love back? Or Isra will stay with his words and will make Shahzaib’s life hell.

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