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Ishq Tamasha Episode 1 Review: Simple, Engaging and Very Interesting

The Danish Nawaz directorial is off to a great start

Ishq Tamasha Episode 1 ReviewIshq Tamasha Episode 1 Review: Simple, Engaging and Very Interesting - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Finally the much awaited serial Ishq Tamasha went on air on HUM TV. And as expected it didn’t let us down. The beginning has been very much interesting because it has been executed well. Danish Nawaz as a director knows his job all too well while Junaid Khan, Kinza Hashmi, Aiman Khan and also Faizan Khawaja look really into their characters. It was the first episode but it managed to engage you from the go, because lets accept it, we all love love stories with a twist.


As the story proceeds, we see Mirha asking her aunt for her examination fee that she only gets along with a number of taunts. In her haste while she’s going off to college, she is hit by Mehraab’s car and drops everything, including the money. Mehraab apologizes and offers her some help but she excuses herself and is gone. Mehraab discovers her dropped belongings and tries to call after her but she is gone.

Rushna on the other hand is carefree and a bit spoilt. While Mirha travels in buses, she takes a riksha to the same college but again in her haste, she forgets to collect the change. After exams are over, in a celebratory mood, she heads off to a local bakery to treat herself with a brownie but it seems she is out of money.

This is where Arham looks at her and it seems for him its love at first sight. Rushna buys herself a brownie after much problems and drops the same unluckily. Arham then follows her home and drops a cake for her on her doorstep.


While Rushna enjoys the sweet present, Mirha is worried about her fees. Mehraab doesn’t really give Mirha any second thought but Arham is smitten. How will life bring them all to connect with each other and how will the sweet ishq transform into a tamasha?

For now, we’re hooked onto this simple, yet engaging story. Junaid Khan as Mehraab is spot on. We love the serious character Junaid Khan does so effortlessly. The sauve and sophisticated aura about this amazing singer is what makes him a perfect choice for the role. Kinza Hashmi  as Rushna looks beautiful and much convincing and so does Aiman Khan as Mirha. Both girls have eased into their characters with ease. Faizan Khawaja as Arham looks smitten, something that is expected of his character. So off to a good start, Danish Nawaz’s directorial seems like a story that’ll hook viewers from the word go!

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