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Ishq Tamasha Episode 18 Review: Rushna gets a reality check!

Your dreams are over Rushna!


The 18th episode of our beloved Ishq Tamasha aired yesterday and it seems we have majority of our answers now. Over the twists and turns the plot has taken, it seems, Mirha and Mehrab were never meant to be together, but we still need some answers to why Mirha has a soft corner for Mehrab and what does Mehrab plan to do with his feelings for Mirha now that he has married Rushna, even if its just to take revenge.

This story teller, Misbah Nousheen, surely knows how to keep her audience hooked. This drama, is truly depicting its title now, Ishq Tamasha, because Rushna made a tamasha out of Arham’s ishq and now Mehrab has sworn to make the same out of her. The way, Misbah Nousheen has depicted the ups and downs in her play, is truly commendable because we’re in love!

Rushna ‘s realization that Mehraab has not married her out of love is the highlight of this episode.

The episode begins when Rushna reads the gravestone of Arham’s grave and she gets to know that Arham is dead, she seems shocked but not much touched by this news. Had Rushna had some brain she would have realized at that moment why Mehraab married her but being who she is, Rushna does not care about anything but Mehrab’s wealth.


To be very honest its really very satisfying and good to see Mehrab taking revenge from Rushna and Rushna is paying for her follies and selfishness. Mehrab has ruined all her dreams related to married life and he very artfully is taking revenge from her by crushing her wishes. Rushna’s family is not allowed to meet her nor Rushna can freely roam into the house. Serves her right for being the reason, an innocent person took his life.

Phupho and Mirha seem shocked after knowing about this marriage. Phupho’s reaction is really strong she seems very upset over this that she faints and later plans to leave the house. Mirha on the other side is deeply shocked and hurt too, She is in fact interested in Mehraab herself and it seems  from the latest episodes that she has developed certain feelings for him  and this very act of Mehrab has broken her completely. Unlike Phupho, Mirha shows no reaction but she is certainly  appalled over what is going on. She also notices that how rudely Mehrab behaves with Rushna, which might put her into a thought again.


Another twist in the story is the tragic turn of Palwasha and Ghufraan’s love story. Ghufraan’s mother catches Palwasha and Ghufraan talking together. She creates a big scene by coming to Palwasha’s house and yelling at  her mother that she will never accept Palwasha as Ghufraan’s bride. We really feel sorry for poor Palwasha because she don’t deserve this at all but Palwasha’s mother is now tasting her own medicine. What she did with Mirha is coming ahead of her own daughters.

For now, Ishq Tamasha is highly engaging with some brilliant performances by Junaid Khan, Kinza Hashmi and even Saba Faisal. We still wait to see more from Aiman Khan in the project because she looks absolutely beautiful. Danish Nawaz has breathed life into Misbah Nousheen’s work and the creation works like magic for the audience.


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