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Ishq Tamasha Episode 19 review: Mehrab delivers well on his promise!

Mirha is back home once again


There are dramas that begin to lose the audience’s interest a few episodes down the lane. However, Ishq Tamasha is certainly not the one to do so. The drama has offered entertainment right from the word go and kept the audience hooked. Its exciting, its interesting and it offers some amazing performances. Ishq Tamasha, by far, has been one of our favorites which hasn’t aired a single dull episode in the 19 weeks it has been on air.

The episode begins when Ghufran’s mother insults Palwasha and her mother. Poor Palwasha does not deserve all  this at all but for her mother it seems like she is tasting her own medicine. However Palwasha’s mother’s behavior to her seems not reasonable and despite of Palwash’s clearing her position and assurance for future that she will never do anything to let her down, her mother’s anger is not settling down.


Rushna has realized that there is some kind of strange yet strong bond between Mehrab and Mirha and now she is really feeling very insecure. Mehrab’s  strong reaction when she is blaming Mirha and then telling her to apologize for her words speak volumes about Mehrab’s feelings for Mirha. Very artfully playing his move, Mehrab sends Rushna home, only to return when her family agrees to take back Mirha.


Rushna, to clearify her position and have Mirha back home, before her marriage suffers, tells Wahaaj the reality, about how Mirha is innocent and she was the main cause of everything. The confession moves Wahaaj but how his mother will react to him, and how will Mirha accept him still waits to be seen.


Well Ccachi Jaan  helplessly comes to take Mirha back, but her attitude and behavior towards her is still the same. It seems chacji jaan hasn’t really learned a lesson and will be treating Mirha miserably once she’s back too.

The scene where Mirha and Mehrab both bid farewell to each other says that they both have developed feelings for each other and Mehraab giving her a cellphone means that he wants her to keep in touch. He will keep an eye on whatever happens with Mirha at home. The ending scene where Mehraab is standing in his balcony just to get her last glimpse  speak volumes. Where will this affiliation leads to ? Will Wahaj accept Mirha back in his life ?

All these and more, we need answers to questions but it seems, we’ll have to wait. And with the way the drama is progressing, we are ready to do so. Misbah Nosheen has crafted a engaging tale, keeping it simple yet interesting enough for the audience. Danish Nawaz’s direction needs no praise because the performances in the drama speak volumes. Junaid Khan nails being Mehrab right down to his expressions and so does Kinza Hashmi. This girl is a bundle of talent and one to watch out for. We’re also loving Aiman Khan’s gorgeous appearance and her acting in the drama. Ishq Tamasha is a favorite, without a doubt.


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