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Ishq Tamasha Episode 21 Review: Mehrab or Wahaj, who will Mirha choose?

Seems like Mehrab just cannot get Mirha out of his mind


Ishq Tamasha aired its 21st episode yesterday and watching it come to this point, through time, has become quite satisfactory. We agree what Mehrab is doing with Rushna is completely wrong but she herself called for it. The way she treated Arham all his life and the way she expressed her disgust on his face, made her deserving of all the pain Mehrab is giving her.

On the other hand we just wish Mehrab would make a choice between Mirha and Rushna. Although he has married Rushna, his mind wanders off to Mirha every now and then and he really does not know what he needs.

This week, we saw Mehrab shunning Rushna completely when she planned out a very wifely act and cooked Mehrab lunch and also dropped it at his office. However, Mehrab, rejected her advances there and then, throwing her out. He also made her recall the incident with Mirha by shutting her out in the rain, just like her family did.


In a parallel universe, Wahaaj is head over heals in love with Mirha. However, Mirha doesn’t know whether to say yes or no to his advances. She seems pleased but is taken aback everytime he expresses his feelings. Also being with Wahaaj is also painful for her in a way that Chachi jan will keep dominating her and spewing venom about her at all times.


Mehrab on the other hand is also fully occupied with Mirha’s memories. Mirha is on his mind all the time where ever he goes and what ever he does. He cannot restrain himself form calling Mirha and complaints about her not missing him. Coincidentally he gets to hear Chachi jaan’s insulting taunts and heads there to remind them about the conditions he sent Mirha to them.

However, rather than settling things, this enrages Chachi jan and she blames Mirha for being a burden all her life.


Mirha has clearly told Mehrab that he is nothing else but Rushna’s husband for her and that he should stop worrying about her.

If we talk about the acting front then this week it was Aiman Khan, Junaid Khan and Saba Faisal dominating the screen. Saba Faisal and the despicable chachi jan is truly amazing. You hate her out and out. Aiman Khan looks so innocent on screen that you can’t help but feel bad for poor Mirha. And Junaid Khan as Mehrab is simply perfect. Expressions, execution, attitude, Junaid Khan scores a 10/10. Misbah Nosheen’s script has been given a creative vision by Danish Nawaz and therefore Ishq Tamasha continues to be a weekly favorite.

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