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Ishq Tamasha Episode 22 Review: Another upheaval for poor Mirha!

Wahaaj needs to make up his mind now!


Ishq Tamasha has entered its 22nd week and the best part is that the drama hasn’t lost its appeal as yet. It continues to engross viewers and bring them something to look forward to week after week. Superb performances by its lead cast, especially Junaid Khan, Aiman Khan, Saba Faisal and Kinza Hashmi make Ishq Tamasha a delight to watch.

We have been saying this and we’ll repeat that Misbah Nousheen’s style of writing has been complimented majorly by Danish Nawaz’s style of direction. The ease with which the scenes flow ensure there’s never a dull moment in the play and as audience, you get satisfied with what you get to watch onscreen episode after episode.

This week’s episode revolved around Mirha and Wahaaj’s marriage discussion, the outcome of which is  reluctant chachi jan, agreeing to marry Mirha with Wahaaj only on persuasion of Rushna, so that she can save Mehrab from falling further for Mirha.


Chachi Jan has tried her best to mar Mirha’s character. She keeps on instilling doubts in Wahaaj’s mind and the scene where Wahaaj yells how he can bring poison for Mirha, shows how chachi jan might just be succeeding. Although Wahaaj does not believe what his mother says but because she keeps repeating, he has become unsure himself.

On the other hand Rushna, who cannot enter Mehrab’s life or his room despite trying very hard, feels the best way to make way into his heart is to get rid of Mirha. And so she assigns herself a mission to convince her mother to get Mirha married to Wahaaj, which actually works and she reluctantly agrees.


However, what we felt in this episode is that Mirha has lost the connection she had with Wahaaj. She barely even gives Wahaaj a thought. Mehrab is the one who dominates Mirha’s mind however, she isn’t the one to let it show. Mirha is more worried about her character and how chachi jan is actually portraying her in front of Wahaaj and everybody else.

We also have hushed discussions about Palwasha and Gufran on the other hand. Where will everything lead to? To find out, you ought to watch Ishq Tamasha, every Sunday at 8pm only on Hum TV. Because this is a drama you’ll absolutely love!


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