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Ishq Tamasha Episode 24 Review: When will Mirha’s trials be over?

Mirha is left without a place to go, once again


Again, another epsiode of Ishq Tamasha went on air yesterday and kept us engrossed till the very end. We really cannot figure out what Misbah Nousheen, the writer, has planned for her drama, which keeps us turning back to it again and again, after every week. Even 24 episodes down, Ishq Tamasha hasn’t lost its charm and continues to be an all time entertainer.

This week’s episode revolved around a misunderstanding which resulted in poor Mirha leaving home once again. Palwasha, risks Mirha’s name, and goes off to meet Ghufran. She is late and in turn Mirha gets to hear all sorts of things from chachi jan and Wahaj as well.

However, this time Mirha doesn’t stay quiet and fires back at Chachi jan, which results in a heated argument between her and Wahaaj, who shocks her by not taking her side. Broken, Mirha leaves home once again, only to be on her own and make a life for herself.


Wahaj has really become a very despicable character. We expected the man to have a spine and stand up for Mirha because he knew his mother, however, he too ends up blaming her for everything. Furqan Qureshi is doing a good job as Wahaj in Ishq Tamasha and seems like a good addition to the story.


Rushna, on the other hand is just not well. She has been having severe headaches which result in dizziness as well. She faints, leaving everybody worried and questioning what might be wrong with her. Now, we’re wondering if Mehrab has something to do with Rushna’s headaches or perhaps she’ll suffer from them and pay the price of destroying lives.


Although Palwasha, upon her return home, tells Wahaj the truth, he is still perplexed upon what to do. On the other hand Mehrab has dreamt of Mirha being in trouble and is worried sick for her.


What will happen next is what we can’t wait to find out next week. Will Rushna fall prey to a deadly diseases as KARMA gets to work? Will Mirha and Mehrab ever be one?

Misbah Nousheen’s story is rather entertaining and blessed with good performances by the lead cast, especially Aiman Khan and Junaid Khan, we have an amazing package in terms of Ishq Tamasha, that even after 24 episodes, remains on our must watch list!

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