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Ishq Tamasha Episode 26 Review: Mirha stands up for herself!

Wahaaj leaves for Dubai, blaming his mother for his breakup


This week’s episode of Ishq Tamasha had us cheering for Mirha right from the word Go. We’re very happy that the girl has actually picked up pieces of her life and took a stand for herself. Although the writer would know best, we believed that Wahaj never really deserved to be with Mirha and yes, we’re extremely happy that Mirha has now given him a clean chit, choosing to guard her self respect more than a mere promise of love.

Mehrab has been looking for Mirha everywhere but fails to find him. However, it is Wahaj who spots her with her friend and follows her to find out where she lives. Upon discovering her whereabouts, he realizes how Mirha does not want to talk to him and when she answers him with a straight no, he is heartbroken.


Finally Mirha has taken a stand for herself and we realize how it is for the best. This confrontation with Wahaj was much needed because Mirha really needed to set her priorities straight and tell Wahaj how he didn’t deserve her for being the spineless person he has always been infront of his mother.


Upon returning home, Wahaj accidentally hears his own mother’s words spitting venom for Mirha and he get to see the real vile side of Aqeela Begum. Telling his mom how she deserves to stay alone, Wahaj walks out and returns to Dubai.


Mehrab on the other hand is devastated because he still has no clue where Mirha is. He returns home and questions about Rushna’s whereabouts and upon finding she left without his permission, he becomes enraged. Rushna is interrogated upon her return and she tells him off straight how she hates Mirha for wrapping her husband and brother around her finger. Mehrab orders Rushna to be shut in a room where she has a severe headache attack. It is yet to be seen what has happened to Rushna and how will she survive the attack.

This week some amazing performances were on show; Junaid Khan, Saba Faisal, Kinza Hashmi and Furqan Qureshi delivered really well. Danish Nawaz has really done very well with his cast who never fail him. And of course Misbah Nousheen’s story has been a favorite since day one.

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