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Ishq Tamasha episode 3 review: Interesting!

Ishq Tamasha seems to have become our Sunday favorite. The drama with its engaging storyline and beautiful execution just makes you awestruck. Danish Nawaz’s direction deserves true praise because he manages to extract such natural performances from his actors. Faizan Khawaja is very much convincing in his role as Arham. Junaid Khan as Mehrab steals our heart. Aiman as Mirha is beautiful, scared and just as we expect Mirha to be. But its Kinza Hashmi, the bombshell Rushna, who stands out in each episode with her stellar performance.

This week saw Arham showering Rushna with expensive presents. Although Arham is smitten with Rushna, she is yet to see him and find out who he is. On the other hand, Mirha needs donation for her college event and that lands her in Mehrab’s office. And since Mehrab is a busy business personality, he offers them to right a cheque and excuses his presence form the college function.


Mirha is rude after the agitation of having waited for a long time but her friends convince her that they need Mehrab and his donation for the event and she mellows down. Even though her friends go and meet Mehrab once again, she chooses to stay outdoors. And this is where Mehrab’s eyes fall on the beautiful Mirha, who so entirely oblivious to him. It seems Mehrab is taken aback by the young girl’s beauty.



Mirha seems romantically interested in her cousin Wahaaj but chachi jan has different plans for him. She wants her son steering clear of a plague like Mirha and is hunting for proposals from rich, well settled families for her son.

The episode ended on an unfortunate note where Arham is shown hurt after a minor accident. But that minor accident has put on the front the intensity with which Mehrab feels for his younger brother. Mehrab is not only protective, he’s willing to destroy the world for Arham. Will this love for his younger brother, spoil Mehrab’s own chance at love or happiness? Will Rushna fall for Arham? How will things turn out to be? An interesting story by Misbah Nousheen, Ishq Tamasha continues to be our top favorite, a different love story, that we look forward to watching every week!

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