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Ishq Tamasha Episode 4 Review: Subtle yet Engaging!

Ishq Tamasha continues to keep the audience entertained with its interesting story

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Ishq Tamasha, is our Sunday favorite! What we love about this serial is the fact that it is treading very softly and until now it seems like a beautiful story, with the right amount of twists and turns. Mirha and Rushna, Mehrab and Arham, are happy in their little bubble. We love the interactions and sequences when each other spots the person of interest and stays hooked thereon. The OST playing in the background is our favorite without  a doubt! Danish Nawaz has created a beautiful piece, once again, and his characters are carrying the story commendably.

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Arham is now thinking to propose Rushna, but since he does not know her correct name, we’re sure this will create trouble for Mirha in the future. Both the brothers are smitten with both the cousin sisters but the name will certainly be causing a confusion soon.


On the other hand, Mirha, who is in love with Wahaj, is waiting for his return. But his mom has other plans. Chachi jan does not want Mirha as her daughter in law and she is resolute to get her married off as soon as possible. Chachi even hates Mirha’s mention by Wahaj and she has made it clear to him that Mirha will never marry him, not if he wants to intentionally hurt his mother.

Mirha misses Wahaj but because of chachi jan, she dares not utter a word. Also she is angered when she finds out Rushna complained to Wahaj about his mother’s attitude towards Mirha. However, to get her out of the way, chachi jan invites over some people for proposal and rushes them to give Mirha the betrothal ring.

Mirha is shocked. The upcoming promos show how chachi jan hears Rushna telling Mirha that she can send her off to Dubai once she’s married to Wahaj and how upon hearing this chachi throws Mirha out of her house. How will Mirha react? Will she be able to come back? We’ll have to wait till Sunday to find that out.

For this week, Saba Faysal as the strict chachi jan stole the show. Junaid Khan as Mehrab is his usual elegant self but we like Faizan Khawaja’s portrayal of Arham this week. The way the guy has shown insecurity in his expressions over Rushna’s standards of beauty is commendable. Khawaja is a talented actor and he is gradually opening up with each episode.

So here’s to another interesting episode of Ishq Tamasha, a drama we’ve been hooked to, for good.


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