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Jo Bichar Gaye Episode-12 Review: Shabnum’s wrath, and her curse is the highlight of this episode

What's Rumi is up to now?

Jo Bichar Gaye Episode-12 ReviewJo Bichar Gaye Episode-12 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Geo Entertainment’s Jo Bichar Gaye is one of the finest and classiest serials in the running having excellent storytelling by Haisam Hussain and powered by incredibly brilliant performances, we want to see more of such period plays. In the previous episode, we have seen Rumi in a new avatar, Rumi the assassin. In this episode Rumi is cursed, Shabnum’s wrath, and her curse is the highlight of this episode.

The start of this episode is on a bone-chilling note when Sonia helps Rumi in his secret mysterious but evil venture and when they are back home Shabnum is waiting for them. Rumi begs forgiveness from Shabnum but she is not ready to forgive him in fact she curses him badly saying that he is going to die in the worst possible way.

Shabnum’s wrath is the one of a helpless mother who has lost her son because of Rumi’s ideological aspirations. Despite Rumi’s pleading for forgiveness she ill wishes him saying that he will die badly and he will not even get a grave and he will eventually rot in hell. Wahaaj’s expressions were simply brilliant and so is Nadia Jamil’s. She hates Rumi so much that she even spitted at him.

What’s Rumi up to? he has already assassinated a very important person and now we have seen that he has headed towards Governor’s house. He has got proper training and he is all equipped to kill another important person or to create mass destruction. He is planning very cleverly. Coco aunty is a Mukhti Baani agent too and we have seen an army officer going there for an inquiry as she works for PTV. It is very much evident that Mukhti Banis had gotten strong roots in almost all major institutions of then East Pakistan. Sonia gets the inking that her aunt is also an agent just like Rumi.

Poor Sonia is torn between two persons at one side is her cousin her childhood friend and her love Rumi whose opinions and views are poles apart from her, and on the other side is her ideological equal who professes his love for her. However, Sonia will be doomed if she chooses any of them. Rumi is cursed and Shabnum’s words seem foreboding that Rumi is going to die while on the other hand, Sonia can’t get close to Captain Farrukh as being an East Pakistani having any ties with West Pakistani is equal to suicide. We have seen that Rumi is planning something and in the end, we see him switching on a remote and a blast happens at Governor’s house. What a heart-wrenching watch, Jo Bichar Gaye is getting heavy on my nerves but it is such a masterpiece that one cannot afford to miss it.


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