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Jurm Episode-3 and 4 Review: Wahaj Ali starrer concludes unraveling the mystery ‘who did it’

Episode, 3 the second last, is full of shocking revelations.

7th Sky Entertainment production mini-series Jurm is an excellent crime thriller based on the story who has done it? Starring Wahaj Ali, Dur e Fishan Saleem, and Tooba Siddiqui in the lead cast. We experienced the art of storytelling with brilliance. The drama is well-written by Shah Yasir and equally well-executed by Mehreen Jabar. The first two episodes seem like a roller coaster ride of shocking revelations. In new episodes, the story plot is followed by more astounding disclosures ending up finally unraveling the mystery of ‘who did it’.

The second last episode is full of jaw-dropping moments for us as Daniyal gets arrested and with that, the story unfolds making four to five people potential suspects in our eyes. The first and foremost suspect is Daniyal himself who admits to Ayla’s mother that yes he has committed the crime. However, later we see that he is playing with the words by saying that “Yes, I have committed a crime for not loving her!”

Yes, poor Ayla is not whom Daniyal is in love with. With that enthusiastic yet immature vlogger Ashley through her anonymous source gets a few voice notes through which she reveals the fact to the world that Daniyal is not in love with Ayla in fact he wants to break his engagement with her too. Well the shocking revelation is that Daniyal loves Samia the employee of Mujeeb Sahab and they had a secret relationship.

The beauty of storytelling is that we started suspecting Samia and thanks to Ashley the vlogger she has made us believe that she may be the culprit later there is a table-turning situation when Daniyal’s mother insists to driver’s wife to ask him why he has done that? The driver eventually confesses in front of his wife that he had no intentions of killing Ayla all he wants is to make some money out of the ransom but she accidentally gets killed by him.

Daniyal’s mummy who we were also considering as a potential suspect because of her calm demeanor actually being quite smart asks the police inspector to record the driver and his wife’s conversation. The driver is proven guilty through the recording and Daniyal is a free man. Not just being a crime thriller Jurm has much more to offer it also suggests why Driver has committed that crime one of the reasons might be the disparity between haves and haves not. Well, the ending seems a bit underwhelming seems like there is much more than that. Daniyal ends up in Samia’s apartment and it ends with their union. Kudos to the entire team of Jurm for bringing such a gripper mini-series to our screens.

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